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Popular Las Vegas, also known as the ‘entertainment capital of the world’, is one of the top touristic holiday destinations. Founded in 1905 , Las Vegas is located at the southern tip of the state of Nevada, close to California, Arizona and Utah. It is the largest city in Nevada, especially if you include suburbs such as Henderson and Boulder City. According to agooddir, the city is known and loved for its atmosphere of freedom, entertainment and vacation. When you travel to the United States, we definitely recommend visiting Las Vegas!

Visit Las Vegas – Atmosphere

All people who visit Las Vegas can confirm that the atmosphere of this city is guaranteed to stay with you. Colorful neon signs with advertisements, mega casino hotels, beautiful parks with fountains and towering skyscrapers glide past you as you enter Las Vegas. Las Vegas is known for fast marriages, huge casinos and vibrant nightlife: everything will be fulfilled during your visit! Nothing is too crazy in this city and that is reflected in the culture, the appearance of the city and of course along the Strip where all the nightlife options are.

In addition to the famous nightlife, Las Vegas is also known for its sublime restaurants, huge shopping centers and hotels such as Bellagio, Venetian, Caesars Palace and Excalibur. During your tour you will also come across many recognizable places where films were filmed such as ‘The Hangover’ and ‘What happens in Vegas’. A visit to Las Vegas is suitable for young and old, gamblers and non-gamblers. The special atmosphere makes this city more than worth it!


Are you considering visiting Las Vegas? Then prepare yourself well, there is a lot to see and do. The hotels alone are worth seeing. For example, the fountain shows of the Bellagio Hotel are a must-see, as is the beautiful flower garden. At the Mirage Casino you can admire a light show with a volcano, dolphins and white tigers. Other must-visits during your tour are:

  • Flamingo yard. Here you can admire a beautiful garden with flamingos and other exotic animals. The waterfalls, sea of ​​flowers and lawns where you can enjoy a picnic make Flamingo Garden
  • Shark Reef. Always wanted to see sharks, corals and other marine life up close? In Shark Reef you walk in a tunnel of glass through the fascinating underwater world, a unique experience!
  • Golden nuggets. The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas is the largest gold nugget in the world! This nugget is located in the casino hotel aptly named ‘Golden Nugget’. A must-see during your tour.
  • Fremont StreetAt night, Fremont Street hosts spectacular light and sound shows. Don’t miss this colorful experience if you decide to visit Las Vegas!
  • Wedding Chapel. During your visit to ‘the city of wedding chapels’ there are a number of chapels that you should definitely see. The most popular chapels include Graceland Wedding Chapel, Little Church of the West, and Chapel of the Bells.


Many routes in the US make it possible to visit Las Vegas. There is no train connection, but there is an airport, bus network and monorail. The most convenient way to travel in Las Vegas is by taxi, although this is a bit more expensive. You can also explore the city with your own car, but bear in mind that the traffic chaos and finding a parking space can make driving very difficult. Finally, you can easily explore the city on foot because everything is close together. Well-known routes to Las Vegas are:

  • Interstate 15, San Diego County–Alberta
  • S. Route 66, Los Angeles–Chicago
  • S. Route 95, San Luis–Boundary County

Visit Las Vegas

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