US 7 in Vermont


US 7
Get started Pownal
End Highgate Springs
Length 177 mi
Length 284 km
  • Massachusetts
  • Bennington
  • Rutland
  • Brandon
  • Middlebury
  • Vergennes
  • Burlington
  • St Albans
  • Swanton

US 7 is a US Highway in the US state of Vermont. The road forms a north-south link through the western half of the state, from the Massachusetts border through Bennington and Rutland to Burlington, and then to the border with Canada. The route is 284 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

At the village of Pownal, US 7 in Massachusetts enters the state of Vermont from Pittsfield and then runs north through wooded areas. You soon come to the town of Bennington, where a Super two begins, a one-lane highway in each direction up to Manchester Center, 45 kilometers north. The road here runs through the southern Green Mountains, which reach about 1000 meters. From Wallingford, the road has 2×2 lanes, which takes you to the town of Rutland, the second largest city in Vermont with 17,000 inhabitants. In Rutland the road is double numbered with US 4, the road from Albanyto White River Junction. North of Rutland the hills become lower, and one comes to a somewhat flatter area around Lake Champlain. On the way to Burlington are two more larger towns, Middlebury and Vergennes. It crosses some State Routes, but no US Highways on the 110 kilometers to Burlington. You then reach Burlington, with 39,000 inhabitants the largest city in Vermont. The region has 200,000 inhabitants. The road here runs past the end of Interstate 189, a short highway to Interstate 89. The road then runs to the center of Burlington, and is then double-numbered for 15 kilometers with US 2, the road from Montpelier in the east. Here you also cross the I-89, the highway from Concord directionMontrĂ©al. A little further on, US 2 turns off to follow a slightly more westerly route to Rouses Point. US 7 then runs parallel to I-89 for the rest of the route. The route to the Canadian border is then about 55 kilometers long. This area is slightly hilly and semi-wooded. At Highgate Springs, the road crosses the border into Canada, then continues as Quebec Provincial Road 133 toward Montreal.

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US 7 was created in 1926. The route has not changed in Vermont since then. Probably in the 70s or 80s a section between Bennington and Manchester was upgraded to a grade separated super two.

US 7 in Vermont

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