US 3 in New Hampshire


US 3
Get started Nashua
End The Glen
Length 241 mi
Length 388 km
  • MassachusettsNashua
  • Manchester
  • Concord
  • Franklin
  • Laconia
  • Plymouth
  • Lancaster
  • Colebrook

US 3 is a US Highway in the US state of New Hampshire. The road forms a long north-south connection throughout the state and runs from Nashua on the border with Massachusetts via the largest city of Manchester and the capital Concord to the border with the Canadian province of Quebec over a length of 388 kilometers.

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The US 3 as a highway near Nashua.

The road begins as a highway when US 3 in Massachusetts crosses the New Hampshire border near the town of Nashua. The highway then runs through Nashua and on the north side of town the road becomes a toll road, the Everett Turnpike. However, the toll road section is barely 20 kilometers long and follows the course of the Merrimack River. At Manchester, the Turnpike becomes Interstate 293 and US 3 continues through the city of Manchester via the secondary road network. The road then follows the course of Interstate 93. You pass through the capital Concord before reaching the increasingly mountainous north of New Hampshire. US 3 alternates west and east of I-93, passing through towns such as Franklin, Laconia, and Plymouth. Just before Littleton, US 3 leaves the route of I-93 and continues north through sparsely populated areas, a fairly lonely route as there are hardly any places larger than a village here. In the far north of New Hampshire, US 3 then crosses the border with the Canadian province of Quebec and continues north as Route 257.

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US 3 was created in 1926. The northern terminus at the time was Colebrook. In the 1930s some changes were made with the northern terminus, but since 1940 the US 3 ends on the border with Canada. It is the northernmost border crossing in New Hampshire. US 3 has always been one of the state’s major highways, connecting most major cities. The southernmost portion of US 3 south of Nashua is a freeway and part of the Everett Turnpike. The first section of this between the south side of Nashua and the branch of US 3 from the Turnpike opened to traffic on August 20, 1955. In 1966 US 3 opened as a freeway further south to the Massachusetts border. Around 1998, this part was widened to 2×3 lanes.

US 3 in New Hampshire

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