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According to abbreviationfinder, University of New Brunswick is abbreviated as UNB.


In any case, you should allow enough time for the preparations, as all course descriptions have to be translated and confirmed by the university (unless your university also offers the course descriptions in English). You also have to have your Abitur certificate translated. Applying for BAföG is definitely worth it, but it should be done as early as possible as there are very long processing times. If you get full BAföG, you pay 1000 euros for the flight, 4000 euros for the tuition fees and the usual rate for accommodation. What I noticed too late is that if you want the money to be paid out, you have to indicate this when submitting the application for BAföG. Otherwise it is paid monthly, which could be a problem as you have to pay the tuition fees at the beginning of the semester (although you can talk to the financial service and find a solution in this regard). You also have to take an English test that I did at university, which was easier than the TOEFL test. The course choice is not that easy, as you have to find seminars that exactly match the plan of your university. The best thing to do is to look for seminars that you think might fit and take them (and the descriptions of the contents of these seminars) to your own lecturers to see if they will be recognized.


I paid around 800 euros for the flight. You should book a return flight together, as this is cheaper. Sta Travel makes sense if you decide to fly back from another location (for example Toronto or Montreal), as you can book fork flights there and there are student tariffs. The flight is relatively long as there are no direct connections to Fredericton (the airport is tiny). Generally, you should book the flight so that you have enough time to change trains.

Apartment Search

I can only strongly advise you to look after an apartment from Germany, as it can be very stressful when you arrive and don’t know exactly where to live. If you can afford it, you should definitely move to the dormitory, as you get to know a lot of people there and there are many events. What I definitely cannot recommend for the transition period is the Hi Hostel, as the rooms don’t really look like the pictures on the Internet. Many apartment advertisements can be found on the kijiji. ca website and the online edition of the daily gleaner. If you only stay for one semester, it will be difficult to have your own apartment, as most landlords rent out at least 2 semesters (8 months).


It makes sense to take part in the introductory events, as you meet a lot of people there and learn a lot about the university and the daily routine. I am studying mechanical engineering and have already chosen my seminars from Germany (after consultation with my professors in Germany). In general, I can say that it makes sense to learn a few technical terms in English beforehand, as this promotes understanding (because most of the terms that I need cannot be learned in school).

The professors at UNB Fredericton were very nice and helpful, but they also expect a lot. More intermediate tests are being written than in Germany, which helps to stay on the ball. The other students are very happy to help – you just have to ask. I found it very helpful to study in groups. I had the seminar system dynamics, machine design, machine design project and Law and Ethics occupied.

Law and Ethics is interesting because it is handled a little differently in Canada than in Germany, but is probably not recognized in Germany. System Dynamics made sense because it deals with single / dual mass oscillators with damping, rotation systems, s-plane, Bode diagram, thermal systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and linearization of systems. In this seminar there were weekly tests and homework, as well as five laboratory reports and a final exam. There was a lot of group work here, so you got to know people quickly. Machine design. I had to prove to be allowed to do the project that I need in Germany. In this project we had to develop a mechanism for measuring human wrist movements against resistance. Since the UNB is connected to a medical center, a lot of biomedical engineering is being developed there, which I found very interesting. Here, too, you work in groups and with a customer. The finished design also had to be made by yourself. For this, the UNB has a fully equipped workshop where you can find everything you need for production.

The university itself is great because everything there is geared towards the students. There are always parties and on weekends you can go to the cellar pub or social club very easily (and cheaply, as the expensive Canadian alcohol is much cheaper there). There is also a gym at the university (which was built from scratch), which is free for all students. There you can do all kinds of sports from morning to evening. The International Student Association organizes regular trips to get to know the area.


Canada is a little more expensive than Germany, so you should plan a little more money for groceries. You can shop cheaply in the mall (Walmart) and on Tuesdays at Sobeys, because there is then 10% for students. If you spend a lot of time at university, it is definitely worth booking a meal plan (for example 50 lunches). Fredericton is a rather small town. Nevertheless, there are a few bars and clubs and (as I said) the mall, which has some shops and a cinema. The best way to get to the mall is by bus or taxi (as it’s at the top of the mountain so I wouldn’t recommend walking).


The best way to see a bit of the country is to rent a car. The prices are relatively cheap and gasoline in Canada is much cheaper than in Germany anyway. If you team up with a few people, you can travel around the country very cheaply. Recommended destinations are Halifax, Prince Edward Island and Hopewell Rocks. If you want to go to the USA, Boston is the next largest city where you can also go shopping. It is best to travel in early autumn, when the trees look fantastic and the road conditions are still okay.


I can only recommend the UNB and would do the semester abroad there again at any time. You won’t regret it if you choose the UNB!

University of New Brunswick Study Abroad

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