Tours to Australia

Tours to Australia attract many travelers from Moscow and other regions. Unknown land, the largest island and the smallest continent, the birthplace of kangaroos and luxurious flora, recognizable silhouettes of the Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, and, of course, warm and very clean beaches (Great Barrier Reef and Gold Coast) in the East of the country – holidays in Australia will be able to amaze every tourist with its versatility.

Tour operator in Australia is sure that holidays in this amazing country can please you throughout the year. The beautiful cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Alice Springs with many attractions will captivate every traveler, and Kakadu Park and the Blue Mountains will leave only the most enchanting memories of visiting.

Australia is a colorful country that attracts with its originality. A high level of development of the tourist destination in business, luxury hotels with clean beaches and pools, many restaurants with hundreds of meat dishes on the menu, the majesty of the oceans and a clean alluring coast with different landscapes, bright and memorable sightseeing and entertainment programs – a holiday in magnificent Australia will be the most bright and unusual journey!

  • Currency: Australian dollar
  • Language: English
  • Capital: Canberra

On old maps, it was designated as Terra Incognita. For many of us, Australia is still the Unidentified Southern Land.

Australia is the smallest continent and the largest island.

The country is washed by the waters of two great oceans – the Pacific (from the east and south) and the Indian (from the west) and 4 seas – Arafura, Coral, Tasman and Timor.

The lowest point is Lake Eyre – 15 m below sea level, and the highest – Mount Kosciusko – 2228 m above sea level.

Due to the absence of high mountain ranges, there are no sharp climatic changes.

Australia is a rare combination of exotic, wild and sparkling modern cities.

This is a country of beautiful roads, endless ocean beaches and coral reefs.

Australia is made up of six states and two territories:

  • S.W. The capital is Sydney.
  • Victoria. The capital is Melbourne.
  • Queensland. The capital is Brisbane.
  • South Australia. The capital is Adelaide.
  • Western Australia. The capital is Perth.
  • Tasmania. The capital is Hobart.
  • Capital Territory. The capital is Canberra.
  • Northern Territory. The capital is Darwin.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains National Park is a picturesque plateau cut by gorges so that the height difference is from 1215 meters (Verong Mountain) to 20 meters (Neping River) above sea level.

The Blue Mountains National Park is located 120 km. from Sydney, and covers an area of ​​​​about 2500 square meters. km.

Must visit:

The Three Sisters – Three cliffs located above the Jemison Valley are composed of soft sandstone.

Each sister has her own name: Mihni (922 meters), Vimla (918 meters) and Gannedu (906 meters).

The “Giant Staircase”, consisting of more than 800 steps, leads to the Sisters.

Wentworth Falls – a three-stage waterfall, 187 meters high, traces of the habitation of primitive people were found next to the waterfall.

The Grous Valley is a picturesque plateau, indented with gorges and canyons, with an area of ​​about 50 sq. km.

The Blue Eucalyptus Forest is a relic grove located in the Grouse Valley, protected by UNESCO.

Hobart (Tasmania)

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, located on the southeastern part of the island and is the second oldest city in Australia (after Sydney).

The city is the financial and administrative center of Tasmania, and also serves as a departure point for Australian Antarctic expeditions.


Darwin is the state capital of the Northern Territories. The architecture of the city is considered one of the most modern in Australia, although this is the result of events that almost completely destroyed the city twice in the past – the first time the city was hit by air raids by the Japanese army during World War II (1942), the second time during a devastating cyclone Tracy in 1974.

Tours to Australia

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