Top Speech-Language Pathology Schools in Delaware

Interested in a graduate degree in Speech-Language Pathology from a top program within the state of Delaware? We offer rankings of best Delaware Speech-Language Pathology graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Speech-Language Pathology.

Speech-Language Pathology Schools in Delaware


Delaware [ deləweə], abbreviation Del. Post officially DE, the second smallest state in the US, 5,059 km 2, (2015) 945 900 residents (1960: 446 300 1980 594 300 2000 783 600 residents). The capital is Dover, the largest city is Wilmington. Delaware is divided into three administrative districts (counties).

Law and Politics

According to the constitution of 1897 (amended several times) the Senate has 21 members and the House of Representatives 41 members. Delaware is represented in Congress by 2 senators and 1 MP.


Delaware occupies the north-eastern part of the large peninsula on the Atlantic coast between Delaware Bay and Chesapeake Bay, the surface is mostly flat, the coast partly marshy. The climate is influenced by the sea; in Wilmington the mean temperatures in January are 0 ° C, in July 24 ° C, the annual rainfall is about 1,100 mm.


In 2014, the proportion of whites was 70.8%, that of blacks 22.2%, others 7.0%.


Delaware is one of the most industrialized states in the USA with good traffic conditions. There are mainly the chemical industry (Wilmington is the administrative and research center of chemical companies), petroleum refineries, the steel industry, automobile assembly, textile factories and the food industry, especially canning factories. Low taxes attract large companies from across the country. In agriculture, poultry farming and the cultivation of soybeans, maize, other vegetables and fruit predominate. Tourism on the coast; many weekend visitors because of its proximity to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.


Dover [English də ʊ və], Dover, capital of the State of Delaware, USA, 32 800 residents on Saint Jones River; Delaware State University; Dover is the Air Force’s main air cargo terminal.

Delaware River

Delaware River [ deləweə r ɪ və], river in the eastern US, 451 km long, originates in the Catskill Mountains (Alleghenyplateau) opens km long in the 84 to 50 km wide, in-depth for seagoing vessels Delaware Bay (Atlantic bay between the states of Delaware and New Jersey). Important traffic route due to mining and industry.

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