Top Sociology Schools in Utah

Interested in a graduate degree in Sociology from a top program within the state of Utah? We offer rankings of best Utah Sociology graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Sociology.

Sociology Schools in Utah

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Rankings Sociology Programs
1 Brigham Young University–Provo
Department of Sociology
Address: 2008 Joseph F. Smith Building, Provo, UT 84602
Phone: (801) 422-3392
Email: [email protected]
2 Utah State University
Department of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology
Address: 0730 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322-0730
Phone: (435) 797-1230
Email: [email protected]

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is one of the most picturesque national parks and is located in the south of the state of Utah. It is mainly famous for its unique palette of colors and the variety of shapes created by water erosion in the reddish limestone. The national park is thus interwoven with a labyrinth of tower-like formations called “hoodoo” that extend along a tectonic fault. Here we find pink-orange-red-brown-white rock needles, pillars, arches and walls that have been modeled over millions of years by rain, ice and snow. However, the erosion process is still not over and the development of the landscape continues. This entire area belongs to the highest parts of the Colorado Plateau, the height of which varies between 2200-3000 meters above sea level.

The area was designated Bryce Canyon National Monument in 1923, converted to Utah National Park in 1924, and elevated to today’s Bryce Canyon National Park in 1928. It currently occupies an area of 326 km2. As in one of the few American parks, you can perceive its beauty not only by looking down, but also by walking among the rocks. Although numerous viewing points are located on the upper edge of the canyon, at an altitude of around 2,500 meters, you have the opportunity to descend into the interior of the rock city, which is criss-crossed by numerous hiking trails. However, it is important to know that the return climb to the platform is very demanding, so only physically fit individuals should go down. The Navajo Loop Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails.

Many rock formations and limestone towers are named after important personalities, legendary figures or well-known buildings. You can therefore meet here, for example, the stone Queen Victoria, the Pope, Thor with a hammer, the London Tower Bridge or the Great Wall of China. The Paiute Indians, in turn, compared these rocks to the figures of warriors standing before an attack. The canyon is named after Mormon Ebenezer Bryce, who tried to raise cattle here in 1875-1880. However, this turned out to be nonsense, as the confused cows kept getting lost in the maze. However, thanks to the canyon, his name remained unforgotten.

The northernmost lookout in the main part of the park is Fairyland Point, which is definitely worth a visit, as is Paria View adjacent to Bryce Point. Popular tourist pearls include the Sunrise Point, Sunset Point and Inspiration Point viewpoints. These places provide excellent conditions for observation and photography.

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