Top Sociology Schools in New Mexico

Interested in a graduate degree in Sociology from a top program within the state of New Mexico? We offer rankings of best New Mexico Sociology graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Sociology.

Sociology Schools in New Mexico

New Mexico

New Mexico [ nju ː meks ɪ kə ʊ ], abbreviation N. Mex., Post officially NM, German New Mexico, state in the southern United States, bordering Mexico, 314280 km 2, (2015) 2.09 million residents (1960: 951,000, 1980: 1.30 million, 2000: 1.82 million residents). The capital is Santa Fe. New Mexico is divided into 33 counties.

Law and Politics

1912 Constitution (numerous amendments). The Senate has 42 members and the House of Representatives 70 members. New Mexico has 2 senators and 3 MPs in Congress.


The southern Rocky Mountains (Wheeler Peak 4,014 m above sea level) run through the central part of the state. In the east, New Mexico has a share of the Great Plains (High Plains, Llano Estacado), the west is a plateau criss-crossed by many short mountain ranges. There is a steppe climate in the north and a desert climate in the south.


The proportion of whites was 82.8% in 2014, that of Indians 10.4%, that of blacks 2.5%, others 4.3%. The proportion of Hispanics (47.7%) is not greater in any other US state; the roughly 217,000 Indians (Zuni, Apaches, Navajo) live mainly in the 24 Indian reservations. Largest city is Albuquerque. Because of the high proportion of the Hispanic population, Spanish is the official language in addition to English.

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Rankings Sociology Programs
1 University of New Mexico
Department of Sociology
Address: 1915 Roma NE, Suite 1103, Albuquerque , NM 87131-0001
Phone: (505) 277-2501
Email: [email protected]

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