Top Sociology Schools in Indiana

Interested in a graduate degree in Sociology from a top program within the state of Indiana? We offer rankings of best Indiana Sociology graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Sociology.

Sociology Schools in Indiana


The proportion of whites was 86.1% in 2014, that of blacks 9.6%, others 4.3%.


With largely fertile, loamy ground moraine soils, Indiana is one of the agricultural states of the USA. The important agricultural production includes especially corn, soybeans and grain cultivation, intensive pig breeding and dairy farming. Mining supplies coal, limestone and oil. The steel production industry is of greatest importance, especially on Lake Michigan in the immediate vicinity of Chicago (Gary), as well as in Evansville, Fort Wayne, Kokomo and South Bend. The high unemployment was mitigated by the further diversification of the industry. Electrotechnical industry, agricultural machinery and vehicle construction, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, musical instrument construction.


In the area explored by R. de La Salle in 1679, French forts were built at the beginning of the 18th century. In British possession since 1763, it passed to the USA in 1783 and became part of the Northwest Territory in 1787 (since 1809 roughly within the current boundaries). After military security (1811 victory over the Shawnee at Tippecanoe), settlement began on a larger scale in 1813. On December 11, 1816, Indiana became the 19th state to join the Union.

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Rankings Sociology Programs
1 Indiana University–Bloomington
Department of Sociology
Address: Ballantine Hall 744, Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone: (812) 855-8970
Email: [email protected]
2 University of Notre Dame
Department of Sociology
Address: 810 Flanner Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556
Phone: (574) 631-6463
Email: [email protected]
3 Purdue University–West Lafayette
Department of Sociology
Address: 700 W. State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2059
Phone: (765) 494-4668
Email: [email protected]

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