Top Sociology Schools in Colorado

Interested in a graduate degree in Sociology from a top program within the state of Colorado? We offer rankings of best Colorado Sociology graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Sociology.

Sociology Schools in Colorado

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Rankings Sociology Programs
1 University of Colorado–Boulder
Department of Sociology
Address: UCB 327, Boulder, CO 80309
Phone: (303) 492-6410
2 Colorado State University
Department of Sociology
Address: B258 Clark Building, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1784
Phone: (970) 491-6045
3 University of Denver
Graduate School of Social Work
Address: 2148 S. High Street, Denver, CO 80208
Phone: (303) 871-2886

Green Table National Park

The Colorado Plateau is located in the western United States, where Mesa Verde National Park covers an area of 211 km2. It was declared on June 29, 1906 and today protects narrow canyons with steep walls that cut into the flat landscape.

The national park is a legacy of the ancient past, also full of beautiful natural scenery. There are abandoned settlements and ruins of Anasazi houses that have inhabited this area since 600 AD These Indians lived in the local rock pueblos, which they dug into the walls of the canyon. The dwellings were covered with wicker roofs, and around 750 AD they began to build dwellings with solid walls. The dwelling in the rocks was safe, the people here were perfectly protected from possible enemy attacks.

During the 11th century, the Indians moved from the surface of Mesa Verde to the cliffs and began to create unique rock towns, which are today the main tourist attraction of the area. The most extensive and best-preserved building is undoubtedly the Cliff Palace, ie the Palace on the Cliff. It is more than 100 meters long and 30 meters wide. Originally, there were about 200 living rooms, where more than 200 inhabitants could live.

An interesting example is Balcony House – House with a balcony, which can be seen only accompanied by a local ranger. Balcony House was probably originally used for defense. The way to this house is also quite challenging, you have to overcome several long ladders located high above the canyon or stretch through a narrow rock corridor. Therefore, we cannot recommend the path to claustrophobes or people who are afraid of heights.

The first white people to enter the area were two cowboys who chased several cows that roamed there in 1888. Instead of cattle, however, they found the ruins of these unique stone towns. After the cowboys, crowds of curious visitors, archaeologists and laymen began to come here, who wanted to know the secrets hidden in the rocks. The Anasazi Indians left these homes around the 13th century, when circumstances such as water shortages, depleted land, and raids by enemy tribes forced them to do so.

The name Mesa Verde could be translated as “Green Table”, it is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also the only park in the United States that focuses exclusively on archaeological finds.

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountains, which are translated into Czech as the Rocky or Rocky Mountains, are located in North America, where they form part of the Cordillera mountain system. The mountain range stretches from British Columbia, Canada, through the United States to New Mexico. Its total length is 4800 km and the highest mountain is Mount Elbert, which rises in Colorado and reaches an altitude of 4401 meters above sea level.

There are many national parks in the Rocky Mountains, including Rocky Mountain Park, which was founded in 1915 and covers an area of 1,061 km2. In addition, the park was declared a biosphere reserve in 1976. This alpine national park is located in the heart of Colorado in the Frout Range.

Rocky Mountain National Park is a kind of gateway to the wilderness and this is also its main problem. The protected area thus withstands the tourist onslaught of people who use its accessibility so that they do not have to travel for nature in caravans for many days. Here they can enjoy nature and nearby civilizations with high comfort of services. Every summer, around 3 million curious tourists take turns in the area of this national park, looking for experiences associated with a stay in nature. The camps are literally bursting at the seams, the prospects are clogged and cars on the roads form long columns.

Even so, the park has become home to many species of wildlife, with a little luck you can see grizzly bears, mountain cougars, but also mouflons, moose, squirrels, deer, marmots and beavers. Among other things, numerous species of rare birds, insects and reptiles have settled here. Rocky Mountain intersects several ancient Native American trails, although people have never settled here in the past.

One of the biggest attractions of the park is the alpine road Trail Ridge Road, which rises to an altitude of 3713 meters. In front of you opens an incredible view of the surrounding mountain giants, beautiful valleys, alpine tundra and impenetrable forests. The park is ideal for business trips, during which unforgettable scenery will open up in front of you. For example, a trip to the Grand Lake is beautiful. Unique natural beauties await you at every step.

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