Top Social Work Schools in Tennessee

Interested in a graduate degree in Social Work from a top program within the state of Tennessee? We offer rankings of best Tennessee Social Work graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Social Work.

Social Work Schools in Tennessee

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Rankings Social Work Programs
1 University of Tennessee
College of Social Work
Address: 221 Henson Hall, Knoxville, TN 37996-3333
Phone: (865) 974-3351
Email: [email protected]

Flying Saucer House

The Flying Saucer House is located in the small suburb of Signal Mountain near the city of Chattanooga. It is without exception one of the most unique residential buildings Tennessee has to offer, because the “Flying Saucer House” has the shape of a UFO and is therefore often referred to as the “Space House”. The owners of the house are an elderly couple who are happy to show interested visitors their “modest” home. The “Flying Saucer House”, built in 1970, is equipped like an ordinary house with bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms as well as a kitchen – only the external shape is a little different. But one thing is certain: the “Flying Saucer House” is really unique and understandably a very popular photo motif.

Forbidden Caverns

The Forbidden Caverns are an underground cave system near the city of Sevierville in Sevier County. The caves are considered the greatest attraction below the Smokies and one of the most spectacular caves in America. The underground cave system extends for half a mile into English Mountain, which is part of the Great Smoky Mountains. During a guided tour you can see various formations such as stalactites, stalagmites and grottos in this unique cave. Hundreds of years ago the “Forbidden Caverns” were the home of the Eastern Woodland Indians and in the 20th century the cave was used as a boon. In 1964 the first plans for the accessibility of this natural attraction were finally made and in 1967 it was opened. On the outside of the ”

Great Smokey Mountains National Park

The “Great Smokey Mountains National Park” is located in the Appalachian Mountains and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The national park stretches from Tennessee to the neighboring state of North Carolina and has existed since 1934. In addition, the park has one of the world’s oldest forests and the largest primeval forest in the eastern United States. Due to the strong fluctuations in altitude, the vegetation is very rich in species. There are five different forests with 130 tree species and 4,000 plant species. The fauna is just as diverse. Black bears, marmots, white-tailed deer, chipmunks, countless species of bats, red wolves, and various bird, fish, reptile and amphibian theaters live here. The Smokey Mountains are also home to more than 30 different species of salamanders, which give the mountains the nickname “.


The three founding fathers Andrew Jackson (General and former US President), James Winchester (General) and John Overton (Judge) laid the foundation stone for “The River City” in 1819. The city on the Mississippi became famous and indispensable for the USA the first half of the 20th century. Cotton – also known as “the white gold” – was responsible for the economic rise and the top position in cotton sales. The name of the sought-after city is “Memphis”. “M-Town” is still today A sought-after trade center. The logistics industry alone employs almost 100,000 people. In addition to the largest employer in this sector, FedEx, many other logistics companies have settled in the area. They all contributed tothat Memphis was the second largest cargo airport in the world in 2010.

If you deal with Memphis, you cannot ignore the subject of music. Musical greats such as Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Justin Timberlake and BB King have lived or worked in Memphis. Elvis Presley even recorded his first record “That’s alright Mama” on Sun Records at the age of 19. The music career of the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” started and ended in Memphis. Every year around 600,000 visitors come to Memphis to see the “Graceland” estate of the former world star Elvis Presley. BB King, who is still alive today, owns a club on Beale Street. Beale Street stretches for almost 3 km and contributed to Memphis being known as the “Home of the blues”. Annually, in May,

Memphis, Mississippi City. And if you name this 3,778 kilometer long river, then you can’t avoid the famous paddle steamer. Visitors can book river cruises lasting several days as well as a short trip on a tour steamer.

If you drive to Memphis, you should ensure that you have enough clothes or at least airy textiles. There is a subtropical climate with a year-round relatively high humidity.

Location: in the southwest of the state of Tennessee on the east bank of the Mississippi River

Population: 647,000

Area: 839.2 kmĀ²

Nicknames: The River City, The Bluff City, M-Town

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