Top Public Affairs Schools in Oklahoma

Interested in a graduate degree in Public Affairs from a top program within the state of Oklahoma? We offer rankings of best Oklahoma Public Affairs graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Public Affairs.

Public Affairs Schools in Oklahoma


The proportion of whites was 75.1% in 2014, that of blacks 7.7% and that of Indians 9.0%; Others 8.2%. Biggest cities are Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Norman.


In agriculture, the highly developed cattle breeding and the cultivation of winter wheat dominate. In addition to crude oil and natural gas (with helium), coal is one of the most important natural resources. The industry is geared towards domestic raw materials: petroleum processing, petrochemical, food and wood industries, as well as mechanical engineering and the metal industry.


The area of ​​what is now Oklahoma, which the Spaniard F. Vázquez de Coronado passed through in 1541, was annexed to the French colony of Louisiana in 1682. In the Louisiana Purchase (1803) Oklahoma came to the USA. In 1837 it was designated as an Indian territory (Indian reservations) for the Indians resettled from the east, partially released for white settlers in 1889 and organized as territory in 1890. When the 46th state was accepted into the Union (November 16, 1907), both parts were reunited (capital since 1910, Oklahoma City). After 1930, western Oklahoma was badly damaged by sandstorms, so that many farmers went to California as seasonal migrant workers.

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Rankings Public Affairs Programs
1 University of Oklahoma
Political Science Department
Address: 455 W. Lindsey Street, Norman, OK 73019-2003
Phone: (405) 325-2061
Email: [email protected]

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