Top Psychology Schools in South Carolina

Interested in a graduate degree in Psychology from a top program within the state of South Carolina? We offer rankings of best South Carolina Psychology graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Psychology.

Psychology Schools in South Carolina

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Health Psychology

Health psychology, the boundary between psychology and somatic medicine, corresponds to behavioral medicine. Health psychology research investigates the relationships between psychological and environmental factors and somatic health, and develops methods for health promotion and disease prevention and treatment. The aim is to investigate how factors such as personality, behavior, crises, stress and psychosocial conditions are related to and have an influence on physical health.

Traditionally, cardiovascular disorders, weakening of the immune system and musculoskeletal disorders are considered psychosomatic conditions. Psychological research has shown that the psychological factors are often only a small, but in some cases significant, link in a larger interaction between genetic predispositions, infections, life events, social class, nutrition and environmental pollution, to name a few. An important question is also to determine whether health-related behavior is primarily governed by personality and other psychological factors or whether it is externally affected.

Knowledge of the relationship between behavior and illness provides opportunities to promote health and prevent illness by influencing changed behavior. Health psychologists therefore have important tasks in preventive health work and health education. Health education, as it has traditionally been run, does not always lead to changed behavior. A balanced use of health information on the one hand and behavioral regulation in the case of legislative changes on the other, appears to have a stronger effect on behavior such as tobacco smoking than information campaigns alone. Obesity and diet-related diseases are increasing, despite healthy diet information. Lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity and smoking are also associated with social class, in that they are more prevalent in those with the lowest education, and which then also to a lesser extent obtain health education. Designing health information so that it reaches and leads to behavioral change in high-risk groups is one of the biggest challenges for health psychologists.

Rankings Psychology Programs Departments and Schools
1 University of South Carolina
Address: Barnwell College, Columbia, SC 29208
Phone: (803) 777-4137
E-mail: [email protected]
Department of Psychology
2 Clemson University
Address: 418 Brackett Hall, Clemson, SC 29634
Phone: (864) 656-4984
E-mail: [email protected]
Department of Psychology

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The city of Anderson is the administrative seat of the Anderson County of the same name and is located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the mid-18th century, General Robert Anderson and General Andrew Pickens discovered the Cherokee land, which later became the city of Anderson. During the Industrial Revolution, Anderson became known as the “Electric City”. Particularly worth seeing today is the city center with the Historic District, which consists of 16 blocks, including the “Anderson County Courthouse”, the “Sullivan Building” and the Confederate Memorial on the market square. Many parks and six other historical districts invite you to explore. Museum lovers should definitely visit the local history “Anderson County Museum”.


Known as the “Gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains,” Walhalla is located in the northwest corner of the state of South Carolina. Walhalla was founded around 1850 by German immigrants, who gave it the name Walhalla based on a Nordic legend. According to Norse mythology, Valhalla means something like “Garden of the Gods”. Even if many of the influences of the German settlers are no longer noticeable, the residents of Valhalla have tried to preserve a piece of German tradition and so they organize the “Oktoberfest” every year (as it should be for Germans). Also worth seeing is the “St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church”, which was also included in the National Register of Historic Places.


The small town of Pendleton in South Carolina’s Anderson County was founded in 1790. Originally the area was inhabited by Cherokee Indians, who were later driven out by the British. Pendleton has one of the largest historic districts in the United States. The actual location and the immediate vicinity were included in the National Register of Historic Places and have more than 50 historic buildings, most of which date from 1860 or earlier and have been preserved to this day. The heart of the charming Pendleton is the Village Green (comparable to a village green). In addition to the many historic buildings, Pendleton also has great antique shops, boutiques and some excellent restaurants. For example, you should visit the Ashtabula and Woodburn Historic House or St.

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