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Interested in a graduate degree in Psychology from a top program within the state of Kentucky? We offer rankings of best Kentucky Psychology graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Psychology.

Psychology Schools in Kentucky

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Physiological Psychology

Physiological psychology, a field of psychological research under the more general field of biological psychology. Physiological psychology studies the anatomical and physiological basis of psychological processes. Physiological psychology also studies the relationship of psychological reactions to hormonal excretion. An important example is the role of hormones from the adrenal cortex in emotional reactions. Related research areas are neuropsychology and psychophysiology.

Neuropsychology tries to relate psychological functioning to damage to the nervous system. Psychophysiology in particular studies the relationship between reactions in the autonomic nervous system and psychological states. Physiological psychology has also studied the physiological basis of reflexes, learning and memory, as well as biochemical changes in the nervous system that occur during learning.

Much of today’s research in physiological psychology is experimental. It often occurs by manipulating the nervous system by surgical, electrical or chemical action. Such research is often conducted with animals as experimental subjects, and as its primary aim is to solve questions within the basic research of psychology.

Karl Lashley (1890–1958) is considered a pioneer in physiological psychology after studying the neural foundations of learning and memory. But already from the latter part of the 19th century great progress was made in the understanding of the connection between different psychological functions and activity in different brain centers.

Rankings Psychology Programs Departments and Schools
1 University of Kentucky
Address: 106-B Kastle Hall, Lexington, KY 40506-0044
Phone: (859) 257-9640
E-mail: [email protected]
Department of Psychology
2 University of Louisville
Address: 317 Life Sciences Building, Louisville, KY 40292
Phone: (502) 852-6775
E-mail: [email protected]
Department of Psychological and Brain Science

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The Western Shire of Kentucky

Welcome to the inviting and unique region, the Western Shire. Framed by the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, and the state’s two largest lakes, the region offers an excellent mix of water sports, family fun, art, culture, historic sites and entertainment. Kentucky Lake, as well as Lake Barkley and the Land Between The Lakes, are popular vacation destinations with all imaginable opportunities for water sports. Here you can look forward to a fascinating mix of excellent restaurants, first-class shops, extremely interesting museums and an impressive landscape with lush farmland.


Paducah is a city in McCracken County and the largest city in the Jackson Purchase Region. It lies at the confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers. Paducah was founded in 1815 and was first called Pekin. Today, Paducah is best known for the Paducah Flood Wall Mural, a huge mural called “Historic Riverfront”. Above all, the artistic and cultural diversity is what distinguishes Paducah and annually attracts people all over the world.


The small town of Mayfield in Graves County is in western Kentucky. It was founded in 1821 and named after a man named Mayfield. Mayfield became known in the 19th century for the wool spinning mill “Woolen Mills Incorporated”, which was located here and which significantly advanced industrialization in the region. Mayfield is now a place full of history; numerous antique shops and small boutiques invite you to linger and browse. The “Ice House Gallery” and the “Edana Locus House” are worth seeing.


The city of Murray is located in southeast Kentucky in Calloway County. Originally founded as Williston in 1822, the town changed name frequently over the years until it was finally named after Congressman John Murray when it was incorporated in 1844. To the east of Murray is the “Land Between The Lakes” recreation area, which offers numerous opportunities for hiking, water sports, and moose, bison and bird watching. There are also many historical buildings, a planetarium and a nature center here.


The city of Hopkinsville is located in southwest Kentucky. It is the administrative seat of Christian County and the sixth largest city in the state. Settled as “Old Rock Spring” in 1796 and founded as Elizabeth in 1799, it was not until its incorporation in 1804 that it was named Hopkinsville after the general Samuel Hopkins. It was also a station on the “Trail of Tears”; a museum, a burial place and an ancient amphitheater now remind of this stage in history. The Pennyroyal Area Museum, which is located in an old post office in the city center, and the Hopkinsville First Presbyterian Church are also particularly worth seeing.

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