Top Political Science Schools in New Hampshire

Interested in a graduate degree in Political Science from a top program within the state of New Hampshire? We offer rankings of best New Hampshire Political Science graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Political Science.

Political Science Schools in New Hampshire

New Hampshire

New Hampshire [ nju ː hæmp ʃ ɪ ə], abbreviation N. H., post officially NH, state in the northeastern United States, one of the New England states, borders on Canada, 23,225 km 2, (2015) 1.33 million residents (1960: 606 900, 1980: 920 600, 2000: 1.24 million residents). The capital is Concord. New Hampshire is divided into 10 counties.

Law and Politics

Constitution of 1784 (numerous amendments). The Senate has 24 and the House of Representatives 400 members. New Hampshire has 2 Senators and 2 MPs in Congress.


Apart from the narrow coastal plain on the Atlantic Ocean (in the southeast), New Hampshire is a glacial, lake-rich mountainous region (around 300 m above sea level) that belongs to the Appalachian Mountains. In the north rise the White Mountains (Mount Washington 1,917 m above sea level), the upper elevations of which are woodless.


The proportion of whites was 94.0% in 2014, that of blacks 1.5%, others 4.5%. Biggest cities are Manchester and Nashua.

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