Top Political Science Schools in Kentucky

Interested in a graduate degree in Political Science from a top program within the state of Kentucky? We offer rankings of best Kentucky Political Science graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Political Science.

Political Science Schools in Kentucky

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Rankings Political Science Programs
1 University of Kentucky
Department of Political Science
Address: 1615 Patterson Office Tower, Lexington, KY 40506-0027
Phone: (859) 257-7029

Speed ​​Art Museum

The Speed ​​Art Museum, originally called the JB Speed ​​Memorial Museum, is the oldest, largest, and premier art museum in the state of Kentucky. The museum is located in Louisville and was built by Arthur Loomis in 1927 in a neo-classical style. It offers visitors a variety of unique art experiences with a collection of world class and international exhibitions. You can see ancient, classic and modern works of art from all over the world. The collection of African, ancient, American, European and contemporary art is also unique. The highlights of the collections include European paintings and sculptures by Rembrandt and Monet, works of modernism by Picasso and Chagall, and American paintings and sculptures by Saint-Gaudens and Redfield.

Switzer Covered Bridge

To the east of Frankfort is the “Switzer Covered Bridge”, which was built in 1855. It was destroyed after a storm, but after extensive restoration work it is now back in its old place. The park, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the covered bridge, is a wonderful place to picnic and enjoy the scenery of Elkhorn Creek.

Wickliffe Mounds

“Wickliffe Mounds” are prehistoric burial mounds and ceremony mounds that were built by the Mississippi culture. The hills are in Ballard County, near the town of Wickliffe. A museum has been set up on the site of the burial mound to inform visitors about the background to these mounds and their builders. The museum also displays various artifacts from Mississippi culture, including ceramics, stone tools, and architectural exhibits as well as artifacts from everyday life. There are a total of four mounds in the area, of which the Ceremonial Mound is the largest of all. The “Wickliffe Mounds” are a Kentucky Archaeological Landmark and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Everyone has probably heard of the “Kentucky Fried Chicken” fast food chain. This was brought into being in 1930 by Harland D. Sanders. That year he opened the first Kentucky Fried Chicken branch in a gas station in the village of Corbin.

Kentucky is also famous for its bourbon whiskey. A full 90 percent of these fine wines are brewed here. One of the most famous is without a doubt the Jim Beam whiskey.

But who would have thought that a great many personalities known to this day were born in Kentucky. Among them are Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Hunter S. Thompson, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, William Shatner, and Lee Majors.

The largest cities in the state

In addition to Frankfort, there are a few other famous cities, all of which are slightly larger than the capital. They include Lexington, Louisville, Hodgenville, and Cave Ctiy.


The city of Louisville tops the list of largest cities with 750,000 residents. It is picturesquely located in the north of the state directly on the Ohio River, which separates Kentucky from Indiana. It owes its foundation to George Rogers Clark in 1778. In turn, it owes its name to King Louis XVI. from France. This had supported the US war of independence against Great Britain. The biggest attraction in Louisville is the famous Kentucky Derby, followed by the Speed ​​Art Museum.


Like Franfort, the city is located in northern Kentucky and is also part of the Bluegrass region. Lexington has around 290,000 residents, making it the second largest city in Kentucky. Like many other cities, Lexington naturally has its very own nickname with the “Horse Capital of the World”. This is mainly due to the fact that in earlier times she was very well known for her horse breeding. Lexington has grown in power and prosperity since its founding in 1782. By 1820 it was finally one of the largest and most prosperous cities west of the Allegheny Mountains. Today Lexington is all about science, as its three universities are located here. Also remarkable are the 230 churches and synagogues, which are used by 38 different religions.


The town of Hodgenville is especially famous for a very special person. President Abraham Lincoln was born here in 1809. The founding of the city began in 1789 with the construction of a mill. Visitors can see the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site, the Lincoln Museum, and the Abraham Lincoln Statue here.

Cave City

Cave City is located in southern Kentucky and has a population of 2,000. In addition to a visit to the Floyd Collins Museum, the Stächen can also be used for a tour of the Mammoth Cave National Park, as it is in the immediate vicinity.

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