Top Physical Therapy Schools in Nevada

Interested in a graduate degree in Physical Therapy from a top program within the state of Nevada? We offer rankings of best Nevada Physical Therapy graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy Schools in Nevada


Nevada, also known as “The Silver State”, is of Spanish origin and was derived from the word nieve, which means snow in Spanish. The name refers to the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Carson City was chosen as the capital. With 286,351 kmĀ² and approx. 2.7 million residents, Nevada is the seventh largest state of all states.

The history of Nevada

Nevada borders Idaho and Oregon in the north, California in the west, Arizona in the southeast and Utah in the east. The Nevada area originally belonged to Mexico. It was only with the Guadalupe Hidalgo Peace Treaty, which ended the Mexican-American War from 1846 to 1848, that Mexico had to cede the area to the USA. All areas ceded by Mexico were combined in 1850 in the Utah Territory, in which the present-day states of Utah, Colorado and Nevada can be found.

Soon after, large gold and silver deposits were found near Virginia City and these attracted many prospectors and traders to the area. Hence the nickname “Silver State”. Along with South Africa and Australia, Nevada has the largest gold deposits in the world. In 1861, Nevada broke away from the Utah Territory and took its current name. As the 36th state, Nevada was incorporated into the United States in 1864.

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Rankings Physical Therapy Programs
1 University of Nevada–Las Vegas
Department of Physical Therapy
Address: 4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89154-3029
Phone: (702) 895-3003
Email: [email protected]

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