Top Occupational Therapy Schools in Rhode Island

Interested in a graduate degree in Occupational Therapy from a top program within the state of Rhode Island? We offer rankings of best Rhode Island Occupational Therapy graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Occupational Therapy.

Occupational Therapy Schools in Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Rhode Iceland [rə ʊ since ɪ lənd], abbreviation R.I., post officially RI state in the northeastern United States, one of the New England states, with 2,706 km 2 land area smallest state in the US, (2015) 1.06 million residents (1960: 859 500, 1980: 947 200, 2000: 1.05 million residents). The capital is Providence. Administratively, Rhode Island is divided into 5 administrative districts (counties).

Law and Politics

According to the constitution of 1843 (amended several times), the governor and lieutenant governor (elected for 4 years) form the head of the executive branch. The legislature consists of the Senate (50 members) and the House of Representatives (100 members), both elected for two years. Rhode Island has 2 Senators and 2 MPs in Congress.


Rhode Island includes the flat land around Narragansett Bay, which extends far inland, with several islands (the largest is Rhode Island, 117 km 2) and the hilly country to the west (up to 247 m above sea level).


In 2014, the proportion of whites was 85.1%, that of blacks 7.7%, and others 7.2%. Largest city is Providence.

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