Top Occupational Therapy Schools in Georgia

Interested in a graduate degree in Occupational Therapy from a top program within the state of Georgia? We offer rankings of best Georgia Occupational Therapy graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Occupational Therapy.

Occupational Therapy Schools in Georgia

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Rankings Occupational Therapy Programs
1 Brenau University
Occupational Therapy Department
Address: 500 Washington Street SE, Gainesville, GA 30501
Phone: (770) 534-6139
Email: [email protected]
2 Georgia Health Sciences University
Department of Occupational Therapy
Address: 987 St. Sebastian Way EC2304A, Augusta, GA 30912
Phone: (706) 721-3641
Email: [email protected]
3 Georgia Health Sciences University
Department of Occupational Therapy
Address: 987 St. Sebastian Way EC2304A, Augusta, GA 30912
Phone: (706) 721-3641
Email: [email protected]

Villa Rica

Villa Rica is a town that extends in part to Carroll and Douglas Counties. Even if it is a rather small town, it is still very well known because it is the birthplace of Thomas A. Dorsey, the father of gospel. A huge festival is held every year in his honor, with lots of music, of course. Villa Rica is also known as the “City of Gold” because in the past the area was a popular destination for gold diggers. At the beginning Villa Rica was known as “Hixtown”, but with the construction of the railroad, Hixtown and neighboring Cheevestown became today’s Villa Rica. Of course, the historic Villa Rica has some attractions to offer, including the “Wicks Tavern”, the oldest commercial building in Carroll County.

The Midlands Region of Georgia

The Midlands are a region that might be of particular interest to nature lovers. Aside from winding county roads and tasty treats, there is a lot to see and do here. The region is characterized by many small towns and typical rural life. A visit to the Midlands region is worthwhile to find out what makes this region so unique. Diverse landscapes with picturesque waterfalls invite you to explore.


Abbeville is located on the Ocmulgee River and is in Wilcox County, of which it is also the administrative seat. Due to its ideal location on the Ocmulgee River, Abbeville is a very popular and nationally known local recreation area. But Abbeville is also the “home of the wild boars” (English wild hog), they not only live around Abbeville, but you can also see them running through the streets from time to time. Because of this, Abbeville is nicknamed “Wild Hog Capital in Georgia”. Every year the “Wild Hog Festival” takes place in honor of the animal residents, which is not only very popular at the local level. Abbeville is a very beautiful small town with many handsome houses. The most famous is the Wilcox County Courthouse.

Hay House

The “Hay House” is located in Macon and was built in 1850 in the Italian Renaissance style. It is a national historical monument and is often called the “Palace of the South”. Today the “Hay House” serves as a historical house museum in which antiques and other furnishings from past decades are exhibited in 24 tastefully furnished rooms.

High Museum of Art

Atlanta is home to the High Museum of Art, which opened in 1905 and is considered one of the leading art museums in the southern states. The High Museum of Art is the largest of its kind in Georgia. American, European and African paintings as well as folk and modern works are exhibited. More than 11,000 exhibits by world-famous artists are shown here and attract high numbers of visitors every year.

Isaiah Davenport House

Isaiah Davenport House is a historic home on the northwest corner of Columbia Square in Savannah. It was built in the Federal style by Isaiah Davenport in 1820. The Davenport House is managed by the Historic Savannah Foundation and was the first house that was lovingly restored by that foundation. Today, in addition to the headquarters of the foundation, it also serves as a historical museum and is a landmark for restoration work in the state of Georgia. The museum has more than 500 exhibits, including home furnishings, ceramics, clothing, books, and other household items.

Jekyll Island Museum

The “Jekyll Island Museum” is a history museum in the historical part of Jekyll Island. It has exhibitions with natural history and archaeological exhibits. In addition, visitors learn interesting facts about the history of Jekyll Islands in an 8-minute long film.

Lapham Patterson House

The Lapham Patterson House is located in Thomasville. It was built between 1884 and 1885 as a winter residence for businessman CW Lapham and is a stunning example of Victorian architecture. The heart of the house is a hexagonal room. Lapham himself was a Quaker, but it is believed that he was involved in occult circles. Workers in the house have experienced extraordinary events that are said to have bordered on paranormal activities. The “Lapham-Patterson House” was declared a National Historic Landmark and included in the National Register of Historic Places.

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