Top English Schools in South Carolina

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English Schools in South Carolina

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Rankings English Programs
1 University of South Carolina
Department of English
Address: Humanities Office Building, Columbia, SC 29208
Phone: (803) 777-4203
Email: [email protected]

Charleston Area – South Carolina

As posh and friendly as Charleston is, it’s no wonder Charleston tops the list of the most elegant and well-mannered cities in the country. Founded in 1670, the port city had suffered a lot, including major fires, earthquakes, pirate attacks, the civil war and a major hurricane. Today Charleston has 73 pre-revolutionary buildings, 136 buildings from the late 18th century and 600 more that were built before the 1840’s. Visitors are offered a wealth of leisure activities here, such as walking past antique shops and boutiques along old cobblestone streets, strolling through the Old City Market and visiting beautiful gardens. House museums and monuments are also open to visits, as are old plantations that line the Ashley River.


The port city of Charleston is located in the Charleston County of the same name and is the second largest city in South Carolina. It was the capital of South Carolina until 1788 and was for a long time the metropolis and center of the southern states. Charleston was the first European settlement to emerge in South Carolina. It was founded in 1670 on the Ashley River and was originally named “Charles Town” in reference to the English King Charles II. Since its inception, Charleston has played an important role in the history of the state. Known under the nickname “Holy City” because of its tolerance of all religions and the many churches, Charleston is considered the most beautiful and historical treasure of South Carolina. Charleston is also probably the most elegant city South Carolina has to offer. Nowhere else are there so many historical buildings in such a small area as here. It is truly remarkable that Charleston was able to preserve so many historic buildings despite many strokes of fate in the past. Ancient Charleston is unmistakable; it seems as if time has stood still here, because the cityscape is characterized by Victorian villas, historical facades and ancient oaks overgrown with moss. This is the typical “Old South” as you imagine it. Unlike in many other major American cities, the skyline is not determined by gigantic skyscrapers – no, here the church towers protrude into the sky and form a “steepleline”. As befits a city with a rich history Of course, Charleston also has a variety of attractions and cultural institutions, including numerous museums. The “Charleston Museum”, the “Denmark Vesey House”, the “Old Slave Mart Museum”, the “Waterfront Park” and the “Fort Sumter National Monument” are particularly recommended. In addition, a number of historic buildings have been added to the National Register of Historic Places. Known as a colonial port city, the waterfront, the so-called “Battery”, with its old harbor is still a popular attraction for tourists. Not far from the “Battery” is East Bay Street, which is lined with small but beautiful colorful houses who nicknamed the street “Rainbow Row”.

North Charleston

The city of North Charleston is located in part in Charleston and Dorchester Counties and is close to the city of Charleston. It is the third largest city in South Carolina and has the unusual nickname “A great place to live, work and play”. The history of North Charleston goes back to the 17th century, when the region was mainly characterized by plantations. The actual founding of the city of North Charleston did not take place until the beginning of the 20th century by businessmen from Charleston. In addition to a lot of history, North Charleston also offers some museums, historical monuments and other attractions. This includes the “HL Hunley Museum”, which is located at the old naval base in North Charleston. Also worth seeing is the “Greater Naval Memorial” which is located in “Riverfront Park” and shows various ships that were built here. North Charleston also scores with a variety of fine restaurants, shopping centers and specialty shops.

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