Top Economics Schools in Alaska

Interested in a graduate degree in Economics from a top program within the state of Alaska? We offer rankings of best Alaska Economics graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Economics.

Economics Schools in Alaska


Alaska, sparsely populated by the Inuit, Yupik, Aleutian and various Indian tribes (Athapasken, Haida, Tlingit), was discovered in 1741 by V. J. Bering and A. I. Tschirikow after Bering had already passed through the Bering Strait named after him in 1728 (without sighting the American coast). In 1784, Russians founded the first European branch on Kodiak Island. As a monopoly territory of the Russian-American Company (founded in 1799), Alaska was initially owned by Russia (Novoarchangelsk, today’s Sitka, as its administrative seat from 1806); In 1867 it was bought by the United States for $ 7.2 million. In 1884 Alaska received a civil administration modeled on the Oregon State Constitution. Since the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, it has gained importance through gold, copper, coal and petroleum discoveries, as well as abundance of wood and fishing. 1912 own territory, Alaska was admitted to the Union on January 3, 1959 as the 49th state.

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