Top Earth Sciences Schools in South Carolina

Interested in a graduate degree in Earth Sciences from a top program within the state of South Carolina? We offer rankings of best South Carolina Earth Sciences graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Earth Sciences.

Earth Sciences Schools in South Carolina

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Rankings Earth Sciences Programs
1 University of South Carolina
Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Address: 701 Sumter Street, Columbia, SC 29208
Phone: (803) 777-7170

Charleston Museum

The Charleston Museum is America’s first museum and is located in historic downtown Charleston. It was built and opened in 1773. Exhibits on natural history and regional history, as well as decorative arts and silver artefacts are on display. Furthermore, furnishings from Charleston, textiles from the Lowcountry, ceramics from South Carolina and Egyptian artifacts as well as historical documents are on display.

Congaree National Park

The “Congaree National Park” is located near the capital Columbia. The only national park in South Carolina is also the most interesting sight in the state. The last large stock of old hardwood forests in the USA makes this national park something very special. The original name of the national park was “Congaree Swamp National Monument”, which is due to the trees growing in the swamp. The unique reserve offers many opportunities for hiking and thus enables visitors to explore the flora and fauna more closely. The park, founded in 1976, is also very suitable for bird watching and an exciting canoe trip through the wilderness of the Congaree National Park.

Cypress Gardens

“Cypress Gardens” is a 69 hectare nature reserve with gardens, which is located in Moncks Corner. The area is characterized by cypress forests and marshland. The landscape of the “Cypress Gardens” can be explored by boat or on footpaths. The impressive flora of the area also includes azaleas, blueberries, camellias, daffodils, a small island with daylilies, horn bushes, Judas trees and rose gardens. Also worth seeing is the “Swamparium” with local and exotic fish, reptiles, amphibians and snakes. Also worth a visit is the “Butterfly House”, an indoor exhibition with various butterflies, birds, koi, goldfish and turtles. Finally, don’t miss the Aviary exhibition,

Exchange building

The “Exchange Building”, also known as the “Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon” or “Exchange and Provost”, is located in Charleston and was built in 1767. In the past the historical building was used for protest meetings of patriots, among other things, today interested visitors can take part in a costumed tour and learn more about “The Exchange”. A museum with wax figures can also be visited in the dungeon of the “Exchange Building”. Using various animatronics, stories from the pirate and colonial times are also told. The “Exchange Building” was declared a National Historic Landmark and added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Fort Jackson & Museum

The “Fort Jackson & Museum” is located in Columbia and is known as the largest training base for US soldiers. Fort Jackson was named after Andrew Jackson, a US Army general and former President of the United States. Even if the security precautions on the military premises are very strict, visitors are still seen in the “Fort Jackson Museum”. Various exhibitions with numerous artefacts tell the story of the soldiers trained here.

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