Top Earth Sciences Schools in Louisiana

Interested in a graduate degree in Earth Sciences from a top program within the state of Louisiana? We offer rankings of best Louisiana Earth Sciences graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Earth Sciences.

Earth Sciences Schools in Louisiana


The small town of Slidell is located in St. Tammany Parish in southeast Louisiana and lies on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. With the construction of the New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad, the city was founded and named after the politician John Slidell. Slidell is considered a jewel in southeast Louisiana and shines with the typical hospitality of the south. Swamps with alligators, excellent restaurants, numerous festivals and great shopping opportunities offer a welcome change. The pretty little town is often called “The Camellia City”. Slidell has no sights to offer, but it scores with many activities in nature.

New Orleans and Environs – Louisiana

As the name suggests, this region is the metropolitan area of ​​the historic port city of New Orleans with the surrounding villages.

New Orleans

New Orleans is the largest and most important city in Louisiana. It lies directly on the Mississippi and has a port that is of great importance to it as an industrial center. It was founded as early as 1718, but under the original French name “La Nouvelle-Orléans” in honor of the Duke of Orléans Philip II. “NOLA” is considered the cultural center of Louisiana and the melting pot of the state, because everything that makes this state so special is running here to top form. It is often referred to as “America’s European masterpiece” because both the French and Spanish influences are unmistakable. The European heritage is reflected in the architecture, the language (English is hardly spoken here, but French), the cuisine and the way of life of the people. Cosmopolitan flair is a matter of course in New Orleans. It is the birthplace and stronghold of jazz, nowhere else is there so much jazz music booming out of the bars as in New Orleans “French Quarter”. The people here seem to be freer, more relaxed, more fun-loving – it’s not for nothing that New Orleans is called “The Big Easy” – the city of easy living. New Orleans is known for its cemetery cult. The residents here have a different attitude towards death. Instead of a sad face and tearful faces, one pretends to be cheerful during a funeral. A marching band also plays jazz music on the way to and from the funeral. Cemeteries are also a popular tourist attraction in New Orleans. Since the city is very deep and the soil is swampy and therefore quite humid, the dead have been buried in mausoleums since 1830 to avoid epidemics. “Mardi Gras”, the cultural diversity, a unique joie de vivre, the “French Quarter” with Bourbon Street, the voodoo cult, Louis Armstrong and jazz, Creole cuisine, world-class museums as well as magnificent mansions and plantations along the Mississippi River this city is so special. If you want to discover the multifaceted America, you cannot avoid New Orleans. make this city so special. If you want to discover the multifaceted America, you cannot avoid New Orleans. make this city so special. If you want to discover the multifaceted America, you cannot avoid New Orleans.

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