Top Clinical Psychology Schools in Washington

Interested in a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from a top program within the state of Washington? We offer rankings of best Washington Clinical Psychology graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Clinical Psychology.

Clinical Psychology Schools in Washington


The state extends over an area of ​​184,665 km² and around 6.8 million residents in the north-west of the USA. The capital with a good 48,000 residents is Olympia, while Seattle is the largest city in the state with over 650,000 residents. Washington is bounded to the north by the territory of Canada (province of British Columbia) and to the west by the Pacific. The neighboring states to the east and south are Idaho and Oregon, respectively. Washington became the 42nd state in the United States on November 11, 1899.

The nickname “Evergreen State”

The nickname “Evergreen State” refers to the landscape.

Washington is a forest-rich state, large forests criss-cross the country with its mountains, volcanoes, mountains, islands and rivers.


The first Europeans to set foot in the country in the 1770s were Spanish seafarers. The colonization of Washington began a little later by the Russians and the British. It was fur traders who set up the first trading posts here. The current cities of Spokane or Walla Walla were once such trading posts. However, Washington had been settled by the natives, the Salish and the Spokane for around 14,000 years. However, when smallpox was introduced by the Europeans, the tribes were severely decimated or partially exterminated.

The US did not take over the area from the fur trading companies until 1849. In 1889 Washington became a state. The natives were gradually pushed back into reservations, which was not without conflict. Initially, the country on the Pacific was only populated by fur traders or gold prospectors. Wood was also traded. It was only when the railroad came along that the industry started to improve. Seattle became the economic center, especially the aircraft industry made for an upswing. With the establishment of the national parks, tourism also experienced a boom.

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Rankings Clinical Psychology Programs
1 University of Washington
Department of Psychology
Address: 306 Guthrie, Seattle , WA 98195-1525
Phone: (206) 543-2563
2 Washington State University
Department of Psychology
Address: PO Box 644820, Pullman, WA 99164-4820
Phone: (509) 335-2635
3 Seattle Pacific University
School of Psychology, Family & Community
Address: 3307 Third Avenue W, Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: (206) 281-2987

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