Top Clinical Psychology Schools in the U.S.

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Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a collective term for all the use of scientific psychology for the prevention, investigation and treatment of mental disorders, life problems and various disabilities.

Clinical psychologists work with children, adults and the elderly. The problems that clinical psychology faces in practice can be very different; for example, behavioral problems or emotional difficulties in childhood, maladjustment in the school environment, adolescent problems, intoxication problems, maladjustment in work and marriage, nervous difficulties, life crises, serious mental disorders, or aging problems.

Preventive (prophylactic) work includes information activities and counseling on child rearing and cohabitation. Such activities are often run by psychologists at health centers and family counseling offices. Investigative work includes clinical psychology work at school; examination of adaptation or learning difficulties in school and preschool. This work is performed by psychologists at the educational-psychological service (PP-service).

Clinical neuropsychologists work at major somatic hospitals, in psychiatry and at specialized institutions for neurological disorders. Both neuropsychology and the PP service have access to well-tested tests and other examination methods.

Clinical psychological treatment encompasses a wide range of modes of work from classical psychoanalysis to other forms of conversation therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, behavioral therapy, group therapy and play therapy. Treatment also includes habilitation of people with disabilities and rehabilitation after illness and injury that have led to disability.

Several clinical psychologists are private practicing psychotherapists, but the vast majority work in the public health care system, where they form part of a team of doctors, nurses, sociognomists and other occupational groups.

Anyone who has Norwegian psychology approval has the opportunity to work as a clinical psychologist, but in addition, the vast majority will seek to specialize in one area. There are several titles within specialization in clinical psychology, all of which are protected and require extensive continuing education and varied practice in the field of specialization.

We provides a list of top clinical psychology universities in the U.S. Please follow the links below to find schools in your state.

Top Clinical Psychology Schools

  • Alabama (3)
  • Alaska (0)
  • Arizona (2)
  • Arkansas (1)
  • California (17)
  • Colorado (3)
  • Connecticut (3)
  • Delaware (1)
  • Florida (9)
  • Georgia (5)
  • Hawaii (1)
  • Idaho (1)
  • Illinois (14)
  • Indiana (6)
  • Iowa (1)
  • Kansas (3)
  • Kentucky (3)
  • Louisiana (1)
  • Maine (1)
  • Maryland (4)
  • Massachusetts (6)
  • Michigan (7)
  • Minnesota (1)
  • Mississippi (3)
  • Missouri (6)
  • Montana (1)
  • Nebraska (1)
  • Nevada (2)
  • New Hampshire (1)
  • New Jersey (3)
  • New Mexico (1)
  • New York (15)
  • North Carolina (3)
  • North Dakota (1)
  • Ohio (10)
  • Oklahoma (2)
  • Oregon (3)
  • Pennsylvania (12)
  • Rhode Island (1)
  • South Carolina (1)
  • South Dakota (1)
  • Tennessee (3)
  • Texas (9)
  • Utah (2)
  • Vermont (1)
  • Virginia (7)
  • Washington (3)
  • Washington DC (6)
  • West Virginia (2)
  • Wisconsin (3)
  • Wyoming (1)

Top 10 Clinical Psychology in the United States

Rank College Name Location
1 University of California–Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
2 University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC
3 University of Washington Seattle, WA
4 University of Wisconsin–Madison Madison, WI
5 Yale University New Haven, CT
6 Duke University Durham, NC
7 University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign Champaign, IL
8 University of Kansas (Clinical Child Psychology Program) Lawrence, KS
9 University of Minnesota–Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN
10 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA

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