Top Clinical Psychology Schools in South Carolina

Interested in a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from a top program within the state of South Carolina? We offer rankings of best South Carolina Clinical Psychology graduate programs. Review the following schools to see requirements for Master and Doctoral degrees in the area of Clinical Psychology.

Clinical Psychology Schools in South Carolina

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Rankings Clinical Psychology Programs
1 University of South Carolina
Department of Psychology
Address: Barnwell College, Columbia, SC 29208
Phone: (803) 777-4137
Email: [email protected]

Kings Mountain Military Park

The “Kings Mountain Military Park” is located in Blacksburg and was founded in 1931. The “Kings Mountain Monument” forms the center of the park. It was built to commemorate the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780. Part of the National Military Park is also a visitor center and a historical path that leads past the grave of Patrick Ferguson and various monuments. The “Kings Mountain State Park” is directly connected to the “Kings Mountain National Military Park”. In addition to numerous camping and picnic opportunities, there is also a Living History Farm, which depicts rural life in the past. The “Kings Mountain National Military Park” was named.

Magnolia Gardens

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is a historic home with surrounding gardens near Charleston. It is also one of the oldest plantations in the south and was built in 1850. In addition to the beautiful house, the huge grounds also include the “Barbados Tropical Garden”, a herb garden, an art garden, a biblical garden and a maze. The protected area “Barbados Tropical Garden” is 50 hectares and is home to various water birds and the art garden has been lovingly furnished with sculptures, bushes and trees. The “Magnolia Gardens” have been open to the public since 1870 and were named one of the top three attractions in the United States in 1900. South Carolina’s most famous gardens offer spectacular romantic gardens, ancient oaks of incredible beauty and with the “Swamp Gardens” a huge piece of untouched nature. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens was named a US Historic District and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Middleton Place

The park area “Middleton Place” is located near Summerville and is a former plantation. The origins go back to the year 1740 and it is therefore one of the oldest parks in the USA. Beautiful green spaces, water areas, statues and some old ruins line the grounds of “Middleton Place”.

Ninety Six National Historic Site

The Ninety Six National Historic Site is located south of Greenville in Greenwood County and is also known as the Old Ninety Six and Star Fort. The National Historic Site covers 414 acres and was established in 1976 with the intention of preserving the original small town of Ninety Six, which dates back to the early 18th century and is approximately 2 miles away. Part of the “Ninety Six National Historic Site” is now also a visitor center with a small museum that exhibits artifacts from around the battlefield. Now and then, actors recreate fights in great detail. The Ninety Six and Star Fort is a National Historic Landmark and National Historic Site and was inscribed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Old Slave Mart

“Old Slave Mart” is a historic building in Charleston that used to sell slaves at auctions in the pre-war era. The building was built in 1859 in Gothic Revival and Romanesque style and its entrance is provided with a lettering. Even if the exterior facade was very lavishly decorated, the interior of the slave auction house was furnished very pragmatically. Essentially, the Old Slave Mart consisted of the slave barracks, a kitchen, a morgue and the auction hall. The building can still be visited today. A small museum also tells the history of the slave market in various exhibitions. The historic “Old Slave Mart” has been a permanent fixture on the National Register of Historic Places since 1975.

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