This Could Be The Appearance of The New 360 Moto: More Stylized and with a More Accessible Button

by | June 14, 2017

Motorola has something to introduce ourselves at IFA this year. All indications are that it will focus on an alleged renewal of the bike 360. In the last few days have seen some leaks, including photos, and has now been evleaks who has shared a new image that makes a little more real This watch with Android Wear.

Evan Blass, long known for its leaks, published tonight it seems are the official renderings of the new bike 360. An image that you can see two variations of the same model: a strap of leather and silver body, others with metal strap and metallic black body. The Berlin fair nears and although this is a filtration unconfirmed, it seems a very real rumor.

More convenient to use and stylish design

As last filtration, we see that the physical button changes of place to be somewhat higher in the Crown. Some thank the pulsation in the former position is uncomfortable and impractical. Again, the black band remains although it seems that this time is somewhat smaller. When we can compare it physically we will know with certainty.

In the image shown by evleaks, you can see two variations of the same model. Some rumors suggest that the bike 360 this year would have two versions where the only thing that would change would be the size. A strategy similar to that followed Apple with your watch in order to have a smaller smartwatch.

How reliable are these rumors? Coming from evleaks, and taking into account that they match everything what he has seen so far, has credibility but we must not forget that there is no official confirmation from Motorola. Even so, with IFA just around the corner, sure that this week we left doubts and if finally it ends up being true, we will bring you a touchdown from Berlin.