The Game of Crazy Letters from TheOatmeal, Exploding Kittens, Soon Come to Android

TheOatmeal is the pseudonym with which the cartoonist Mathew Inman has won the hearts of millions of Internet users. Their satirical and outrageous comics try almost anything that will pass through your head, but there are two themes that reappear most frequently: the Velociraptors and cats.

These are the protagonists of several books by the same author as how to know if your cat is planning to kill you, and the next step was naturally create a game. So it was with the help of former employees of Microsoft Elan Lee and Shane Small.

The idea materialized in the game Exploding Kittens, a game of cards with the characteristic sense of humor from TheOatmeal that has smashed records on Kickstarter.
Since a few days ago already, you may try this game crazy cards in digital version on iPhone, but if you’re a fan of Oatmeal, cats or card games, you have nothing to fear, it will also come coming soon to Android.

Cats, explosions and letters

Exploding Kittens is a game of cards with a not-too-complicated mechanics. A deck, each player is removing cards to meet with a explosive cat, in which case, you lost the game. To add more substance, also accounts with special letters to deactivate bombs, special attacks or evasive actions. The digital version is basically the same, but on the screen of the mobile and with some extra.

If you have not read any Oatmeal comic before probably you look like a completely absurd game mechanics, but one of the main attractions of the game are precisely the absurd illustrations and charts you make it up.

Although it is a multiplayer game, its own developers realized that it is not intended to play with strangers online, but with friends sitting next to you. Why are experiencing multiplayer based on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to not require connection to the mains.