The Death of The Brand Is Consummated in July Motorola with The Arrival of The First Lenovo Moto

It is not that new is about the death of Motorola. Lenovo already warned of this some weeks ago and even explained how marks would be integrated. Moto by Lenovo, they would be the future models of the earlier American and now Motorola china. But one thing is to tell you that something is going to die and the other you have already the date when it will do so. It will be in July of this year.

Say the Palace things are going slowly, but the truth is that Motorola was not very of the MWC in Barcelona. Instead, they had their own plan of releases almost always set in the middle of year. With the new terminal going to comply to strictly and be consummated the death of the brand. A history that remained afloat after the purchase by Google and which ended engulfed by a Chinese giant as it is Lenovo. Perhaps an omen of what can happen with more brands in the future.

Moto by Lenovo in July

Said Yuanqing Yang, that will be a model for the United States, and we assume that also for the rest of the world, “more innovative, more attractive”, and own Lenovo CEO confirms that this will be the first smartphone Moto unbranded Motorola in the rear. Undisclosed if it is Moto G line or line Moto X, as the presentations of both lines calendar coincides with the date set for the new bike by Lenovo.

We do not rule out that this is a Moto e by Lenovo, as the Chinese manufacturer confirmed that the low range of Motorola would also follow forward. The only disagreement with this possibility is that the E bike have no fixed date. The first generation arrived in May and the second in February. Hope to know, from the hand of Lenovo, what will they do with the future Moto E now.

But, where do we leave the Zuk?

Meanwhile, Lenovo is stuck in quite a few hassles with mobile as well as negotiations with Motorola have between hands to the Zuk. With the division of the company into categories “by Lenovo”, the future of the line Zuk continues still in the air and lack know what to do with the line of terminals with CyanogenMod.

The Z1 Zuk, the first model in the line, has received very good reviews and there are many who have requested a renewal. We do not know if all this internal reset to absorb Motorola models will ultimately affect this line, a line that would have both racing bike by Lenovo as with Vibe by Lenovo.