The Best Road Trips From New York City

Fancy a road trip? Then of course there is no better country than America to roll down the windows and drive through the country with the wind in your hair. And one of the nicest destinations for this is New York City. Therefore, step directly from the plane into the rental car to start the journey of a lifetime.

The Pocono Mountains

Sometimes it’s nice to leave the hustle and bustle of a city like New York City behind and enjoy nature. According to 800Zipcodes, there are plenty of places you can drive to from NYC, but the Pocono Mountains are truly a local gem that is well kept secret. The mountains here are not the highest and the hills do not roll endlessly, but nature is extremely diverse and above all beautiful. Plus, staying close to NYC is here. It’s a 200km drive where you also travel past the former railway town of Jim Thorpe.

The Niagara Falls

Not afraid of a solid road trip? Then take on the challenge and drive the 1,000 miles from New York City to Canada’s thunderous Niagara Falls. The first section takes you along the coast from Connecticut to Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard. Then it’s time to head inland towards the white-foaming force of nature. There are plenty of places to stop along the winding roads along the coast. Picnic on the beach, visit The Breakers gold music room in Newport, Rhode Island, or listen to our very own Wilhelmus at Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts. The spectacular falls are well worth your trip.

From NYC to Florida

If you were to drive straight from NYC to Florida, it would take more than seventeen hours. With a number of stops in between, you can easily turn this into the ultimate road trip. First spend the night near New York City so that you can hit the road rested. Then drive along the Richmond coast in Virginia where history buffs can indulge themselves. Visit the Richmond National Battlefield Park and Virginia State Capitol and then continue to Jacksonville with its cozy city center and beautiful neighborhoods. From here it is just a little bit longer to arrive in sunny Florida and to relax on South Beach after the impressive journey you have just completed.

From coast to coast

For many it is the big dream: to drive from the American east coast to the west coast. Plan enough time for this and it turns out to be a dream that you can make come true. You start from New York and drive to the splashing waterfalls of Niagara Falls. You continue your journey to the ‘Windy City’ Chicago where you will of course also have to spend the night to discover this city. Then you go all American way on the legendary Route 66 to the other side of the country: through an endless emptiness and beautiful national parks you arrive in bustling Los Angeles. A trip you will not soon forget.

A road trip in America is as long or short as you want. All you need to do is book a rental car and travel to all your favorite destinations. Take a quick look at our offer.

The Niagara Falls

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