Test: Aldi Laptop Medion Md 96850 From 7 August For Sale

by | March 20, 2017


With its pentium processor dual core T2390 intel (two computing cores, 1.86 ghz clock frequency) the medion akoya MD 96850 managed a brisk pace of work. Thanks to three gigabytes of memory, memory-hungry programs ran very quickly. The speed of the game was, however, very low: The graphics processor calculated on average only 8 frames per second. For graphically elaborate 3D games, the notebook is thus not suitable.

Data storage

Net around 233 GB to fit on the disk. That is quite a lot for a notebook of this price class. Coped with all CD – and DVD the DVD burner and delivered a decent burn quality.

Image quality

The MD 96850 has a 15.4 – inch monitor with 39 cm diagonal widescreen 16:10. It is suitable for playing movies on dvds. The screen is well coated, distracting reflections from bright light sources, there was not.

Aldi notebook medion akoya MD 96850

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During normal operation, the aldi laptop worked very quietly. The noise of the fan rose but audible under full load of the processor. The MD 96850 work lasted approximately 150 minutes in battery operation. Movie watching, there were almost 200 minutes.


Like at other akoya notebook mouse replacement (touchpad) ill-placed: When writing to the touch typing of the bales of the right hand of the touch-sensitive surface touches. The result is that the mouse pointer is unintentionally moving across the screen. Unfortunately lacks a button to simply turn off the touchpad.
The supplied programs are already installed. In addition to windows vista home premium 8 essentials and financial management WISO include among other things the office software microsoft works 9.0, the burning program nero my money 2008 professional. Wireless notebook has incorporated into the internet a wi-fi wireless network card, according to the new, faster n standard is working.


The new aldi medion akoya MD 96850 notebook is fast at work. Is not good for graphically complex games though. But it is quite well equipped with three gigabytes of memory, a 233-gigabyte hard drive and wi-fi. For 599 euros, the notebook is a very cheap offer.

COMPUTER screen test result: Very cheap (note: 2.09)

The full test report with detailed data table, find the current COMPUTER screen (issue 17/2008, from 4 august 2008 in the trade). (rs)

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