Tecnoblog Starts Partnership with R7 Portal, the Record Group

Generally safe industry the major announcements for January, since December has become traditional the time of festivals, retrospectives and very little movement. However, we could not pass up the opportunity to make an important announcement for this site technology. The our site becomes partner R7 Portal from now.

We are committed to the expansion of our editorial and our audience. This goal is consistent with the R7, internet portal belonging to the Group Record. Like us, the R7 is growing by leaps and bounds since it started operations just over three years. By Ibope data, they are on the list of most visited portals in the country.

Our association with the R7 allow our content to appear on the portal cover the highlights, as well as technology and science channel. Many viewers of TV Record arrive at R7 due to calls on the television, which increases the chance of being seen and read. The more people participating in our community of technology enthusiasts, the better!

The our site continues at the same address as always, with the same footprint whenever you know and trust. Our editorial team remains independent of the communication team and journalism of R7 portal. That is, nothing changes in the content you are used to seeing around here. It is also worth saying that Record not bought your favorite tech blog.

Ah, yes: We’ll display the R7 bar on our pages.