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“The wheels of the bureaucracy grind slowly”. It has long been said that the German administrative system is cumbersome and outdated. Against the background of demographic change, a Europe that is growing closer together and a shortage of money in public budgets, a restructuring of the public administration seems inevitable.

In order for the administration of federal, state and local authorities, but also supranational institutions such as the EU, to function smoothly in the future, less bureaucracy, greater service orientation and the use of modern information technologies are required. Administrative sciences courses are designed to train experts who are up to current and future challenges in public administration .

Opportunities for studying public administration: university or college?

If you want to train as an administrative expert, you have the choice between studying at a university and studying at a technical college. The latter are partly maintained by the federal government or individual federal states and provide training specifically for the higher-level service in public administration . During their studies, the students are declared civil servants on revocation and receive a candidate salary. The courses at the independent universities are broader in terms of content . The individual universities set very different priorities, for example on European administrative management or political science .

The bachelor’s degree

At the beginning of the bachelor’s degree, students first learn how political control works in principle . Here, content from the fields of sociology , political science, economics and law dealt with. For example, the students learn about local law and grapple with the administrative structures of the EU. But you will also read the classics of sociology and get to know the methods of social research. Economic content such as management theory is also on the curriculum. In the higher semesters, students can choose a focus. Depending on the university, you can place this on a sub-area of ​​administrative science or on European or German administration.

The master’s degree

With a bachelor’s degree, graduates can enter the upper-class public service directly. However , if you are aiming for a career in higher administrative service or would like to qualify for management positions in the private sector, you have to add a master’s degree. There is also the opportunity to specialize even further.

University of applied sciences courses such as public management qualify, for example, for managerial positions in state and municipal administration. In recent years, a large number of internationally oriented degree programs have emerged that shed light on European administrative management. Many of these master’s courses are offered in English. Some of them are designed as part-time courses.

Requirements for studying public administration

To study administrative sciences, you should be interested in social science contexts . Anyone who enjoyed subjects such as social science , politics and history in school also has good cards in their studies. There should also be a fundamental interest in economic relationships . In addition, good knowledge of English is required, especially for the internationally designed master’s degree programs .

Occupational fields

Most administrative scientists enter the higher or higher public service after their studies . They work, for example, in the administrations of municipalities, cities or districts, in state ministries or in state authorities such as police departments or school authorities. Her tasks include putting legal requirements into practice, drawing up legal opinions or advising citizens.

Those who do not want to go into public service also have opportunities for a career in the private sector . Graduates work for energy companies, social security agencies or political and business consultancies. The graduates of the European-oriented courses are also open to work in EU institutions, international organizations and NGOs. Master’s graduates can also pursue a doctorate and pursue an academic career.

Reasons for studying abroad

In the administrations of the EU, but also in large companies, administrative scientists operate on an international level. Intercultural skills and foreign language skills are taken for granted. But administrative scientists in the German public service also have to be familiar with more and more European legal norms. In order to be optimally prepared for these future requirements, it is always advisable to spend one or more semesters in another European country . Because studying abroad offers students the opportunity to expand their professional skills , improve their foreign language skills and gain intercultural skills.

Study Public Administration

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