Study Business Informatics Abroad

The digital cash register does not bill correctly. The company server is paralyzed. A company would like to sell its products on the Internet. Now a business IT specialist is required. He is familiar with both business processes and information technology. With this background knowledge, he can empathize with his customers and deliver software solutions that meet their requirements.

The business informatics course

The course at the interface between business administration and computer science is still quite young, but is being offered at more and more German universities.

Bachelor degree

In the bachelor’s degree, students first deal with the basic subject of both disciplines : mathematics . The curriculum includes subjects such as analysis, algebra and logic. In addition, the students also deal with the basics of business administration and get to know different programming languages . You will learn how databases are structured and develop your own software for the first time . In addition, they attend seminars on topics such as business law, economics and foreign languages. In the higher semesters, students can then set a focus and further expand their knowledge in the field of IT or business administration.

Master’s degree

Anyone who wants to pursue a career in business or science after completing their studies should follow a bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree. This offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in areas such as information technology, information management or business administration . Some universities offer the master’s programs in the form of distance learning courses, which can also be completed alongside a job.

Studying business informatics: requirements

Anyone interested in a degree in business informatics should definitely have a weakness for mathematics . It is certainly also advantageous if you have already dealt with a programming language before starting your studies . As a rule, however, this is not a prerequisite for the course. Applicants should, however , be familiar with using the computer . Also good English skills are necessary to understand the sometimes English-language literature. Some master’s programs are even taught entirely in English.

Study of business informatics abroad

In the course of globalization , many commercial companies are working internationally . For example, they have their goods produced abroad or deliver to customers all over the world. Business IT specialists should therefore have knowledge of foreign languages ​​and be familiar with issues relating to global IT management. One or more semesters abroad or even a complete study abroad can not only give students advantages for their later career, but also be a personal enrichment, because:

  • A semester abroad gives students the opportunity to expand their specialist knowledge .
  • During the semester you will gain intercultural skills and improve your foreign language skills . Both are welcome in professional life.
  • During your time abroad you can get to know a different culture and make friends all over the world.
  • Studying abroad is a unique opportunity for personal development.

Possible occupational fields for business informatics graduates

With the increasing digitization of almost all areas of business and life , business IT specialists are needed in all industries. For example, they advise companies that want to introduce new information technologies or digitize work processes. Whether you take on business management functions or work as IT experts also depends on the focus of your studies. For example, graduates can work in the areas of controlling and project management, but also program, install and maintain new software. A job as a data protection officer is also conceivable. Possible employers are management consultancies, companies from all industries and software houses. Some graduates dare to take the step into self-employment, for example with their own consulting office. A master’s degree also gives you the opportunity to do a doctorate and pursue a career at the university.

Study Business Informatics

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