State Route 10 in Rhode Island


Get started Providence
End Providence
Length 5 mi
Length 8 km
  • 1A Park Avenue1B → New York / Boston
  • 2A Reservoir Avenue
  • 2B Garfield Avenue
  • 3A Union Avenue
  • 3B → Hartford
  • 3C Broadway
  • Harris Avenue
  • Dean Street
  • → New York / Boston

State Route 10 or SR-10 is a state route and freeway in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. The interstate provides a service road to the center of town, parallel to Interstate 95. The highway is 8 kilometers long and has 2×2 to 2×3 lanes. The US 6 highway ends at SR-10. Both ends of the highway connect to Interstate 95. Up to 99,000 vehicles use the SR-10.

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The highway had been planned as a bypass of downtown Providence since the late 1940s. The construction of the highway started in 1950 and in 1953 the first part of 1 kilometer was opened, which did not yet connect to other highways. In 1960, a 2 mile southbound extension to I-95 opened in Cranston. In 1966 this stretch was extended another 2 kilometers south to SR-12. However, further construction of the highway was greatly delayed. It wasn’t until 1988 that the interchange with I-95 opened near downtown Providence, but that didn’t finish the highway, the last link opened to traffic in 1993, completing SR-10.

With the extension of Interstate 84 from Hartford to Providence, it was hoped that State Route 10 could also become an Interstate Highway. The number I-184 was reserved for this. However, the extension of I-84 was called off in 1991, ending the ambition for I-184 as well.

State Route 10 was planned to be extended south to Warwick in 1959. This route would run more or less parallel to I-95. The highway had to be extended about 10 kilometers further south, but the construction was never carried out. Plans were also unfolded in 1961 to extend SR-10 east from I-95 to US 44 from its northern end, possibly into Massachusetts. The highway could then perhaps be numbered as US 44. This plan was also not implemented.

In December 2019, the exit numbering was changed from a sequential exit numbering to an exit numbering by distance.

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State Route 10 in Rhode Island

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