Startup Creates “Social Network Only for Students”

by | January 11, 2017

Initially designed to be a network of university to relationships, Facebook grew and soon became tremendously popular among people of various degrees around the world. Despite being tremendously positive for the pockets of its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, that pushed the site of its original proposal.

In an attempt to avoid caring parents see their children in the Homeric binges campuses of their faculties, a startup in New York aims to solve the problem with College Only asocial network only intended to Uncle Sam’s land universiários.

“We learned a lot from these experiences and we see many new opportunities, such as offering a website that meets the needs of college students. Facebook has changed for the better, but lost its original use, allowing photos and messages posted by the university can be seen by relatives and future employers.

Moreover, we note that ‘connect the bodies of the students’ (site slogan) is not just something romantic but also social, “says site creator, Josh Weinstein, also responsible for a generic version (and also student) of ChatRoulette.

To join the site the Internet user must have an e-mail from an American university. When placing the order, it will be connected with all your colleagues and can block anyone. In addition to your name and e-mail photos, profiles of the data also include the address of your dormitory and classes that students attend.