So Ein Ding Draws Not Plug All the Way out

Dr gadgetprogram keeps the shop open, but has new perspective ready for booting in the new year.

Only three weeks after the news So ein ding shuts on and off, the Editorial Board of the program have now decided to run again, but without the gadget reviews. It writes our site.

Failure to renew
For viewers, this means that the last dimseprogram, who until now has been the primary focus in 132 broadcasts sent on 17 December.

The reason is, among other things, that the host Nicolaj Sonne believes that the tech revolution is over, and the editors at DR backs up.

“Now it’s pure evolution.¬†Smartphones are not new anymore, and the only renewal right now is that they are faster, more battery and even more megapixels in the camera, “says so Nicolai Sonne.

The form for the upcoming broadcast is not determined yet, but So ein ding will focus on a more journalistic approach to technology.

The question is whether the revolution is over once and for all, or whether the time has come for just an evolution of the user experience in the form of wearable sewing, NFC, iBeacons and so on.