Sights of Tyrol, Austria

According to, the Tyrol region in Austria is particularly popular for its many hiking, cycling and winter sports options. The vast areas are interspersed with beautiful landscapes, green hills, lakes and clear mountain streams. Both in summer and winter, when Tyrol is mainly visited for winter sports, there is plenty to do, see and especially experience. Even our royal family knows where to find the still favorite place of Lech every year. The alpine meadows in this region, where you can hear the bells of grazing cows here and there, will immediately bring back memories of films such as ‘the Sound of Music’ with the von Trapp family.

Top 10 sights in Tyrol

#1. Swarovski Kristallwelten Wattens
This park of the Swarovski family is also called the largest kaleidoscope in the world. You know it from the past, such a viewing tube that you could turn and then you saw different colored shapes that changed every time you turned. In this private world of artfully cut glass you will learn everything about the product Swarovski. The ‘Famos’ exhibition shows you well-known architectural miniature buildings made entirely of the famous crystal. There is also a large playground and you can buy a picnic basket with a blanket for a delicious lunch in the garden. There are also various workshops to follow.

#2. Ambras Castle
The imposing Ambras Castle once belonged to Archduke Ferdinand II, who was known as an avid art collector. For this he even had a separate space for construction, the ‘Unterschloss’. To this day, much of his collection can still be admired in the same room. Among the collection are a number of remarkable objects. The adjacent castle park, which often has an English style, was also laid out by this Ferdinand II. Today, this castle is part of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien in Vienna.

#3. Castle Ehrenberg
In this old castle the story is told of the damsel Maria zu Ehrenberg who falls in love with servant Heinrich. Together with knight Rüdiger you set out to find answers. The fortress with its four outbuildings stands in a majestic place between snowy mountains. After a hike to the high-lying ruin, you will be rewarded with a fantastic view of the Reuttner Becken.

#4. The Alpine landscape
The landscape of Tyrol should not go unmentioned in one of the top ten most beautiful sights in Tyrol. In the winter months, the snow provides a fairytale setting in which thousands of skiers and snowboarders come to enjoy themselves, while in the green season, the forests and rolling meadows of Tyrol are a great attraction for hikers.

#5. Nature Park Hohe Tauern
With its size of more than eighteen thousand square kilometers, this park can compete with the largest in Europe. Austria’s highest mountain is located in this ecologically protected park. This is the 3798 meter high Großglockner. Between the huge mountains, rock walls, glaciers, ice tops and parts of untouched nature, live more than ten thousand species of animals. The mountain range extends over the states of Tyrol, Salzburg and Carinthia.

#6. Wildlife Park Wildbichl
With the Kaiser Mountains as a backdrop, the Wildpark Wildbichl is located in a valley between Kufstein and Chiemsee. The park, which covers more than eighty thousand square meters, is home to a variety of animals such as lynxes, llamas, chamois, boars, owls and deer. The local inn is perfect for an overnight stay and/or a delicious meal with mostly local products.

#7. Tyrolean Folk
Art Museum The former Franciscan Monastery in Innsbruck now houses the Folk Art Museum of Austria. Years of collections have led to a lot about the history and its people can be found here. There is much to learn about life in Austria, old crafts, traditional costumes and the nobility. Next to the museum is the Hofkirche with the tomb of Maximilian I.

#8. Zammer Lochputz
This hidden gem of Tyrol is located in West Tyrol near Zams. A very beautiful thirty meter high waterfall can be admired between the wild waters of this area. You can walk over bridges, through tunnels, a cable car and along narrow roads to experience all the beauty of this area. An exciting legend is told in a Roman tower through a multimedia show.

#9. Silver mine Schwaz
This silver mine once meant a lot to the Tyrol region. Indeed, it was thanks to the income generated by collecting and selling silver from this mine that Tyrol was already a prosperous area of ​​Austria during the Middle Ages. Nowadays you can take an exciting journey back in time here, going up to 800 meters deep into the mine. It is even possible to create your own coin made of real Schwazer silver.

#10. Igloo village
In the winter months from December to the end of March you can visit a very special village in Tyrol. A real igloo village has then been created in Wilder Kaiser Brixental, where you can even spend the night. This very original way of staying is only part of this village. You can also follow an ice sculpting workshop, dine at an ice table or take a torchlight walk. The ski area of ​​Wilder Kaiser Brixental has been one of the top in Austria for years.

Tyrol, Austria

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