Sexy and the City 2

by | September 11, 2017

One of the films most fashionistas of the year may not have hit any box office record (yet!) but brought several trends and lots of inspiration.

I learned that Sex and the City 2 had to be shot in Morocco, since the Government of the United Arab Emirates has banned filming in Abu Dhabi–I confess that I place the same way and is already in my travel wishlist!

I bet the new success will be the Lucky Charm, aka: Clover necklace! Carrie shows up with him early in the film, using a gorgeous blue dress from Halston. Also not release the accessory with clothes stripped brunch after the gay wedding!

And for those who fell in love or I knew this news but didn’t know where to find, I confess that I haven’t seen in any shop.

But I found one very similar on the site ‘s own Patricia Field–costume designer of the series–that if it is not exactly the same model as Carrie! The price ranges between $56 and $72, depending on if it is silver or gold.

On the site you can also find other looks, accessories, photos and some sketches made for STC.

Well worth to check!

One of the things that struck me was our dear Carrie spending an evening in your old apartment and go out to dinner with Mr. Big with even John Galliano-Fall 200 used in the third season of the series.

In addition, super trend lindissímo Louboutin with lace, sparkles and half a leg, she dumped your famous name necklace by the hit of the moment: Clover necklace!

I liked the choice, but I bet she was dressed much more elegant in that closet!

And you? What did you like most?

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