Samsung Brings Us Finally Official Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy SII

It seems that Samsung will continue meats on the grill to get Samsung Galaxy SII to become the Android terminal of the year, and as it is evident, the part of accessories is the most important. The Galaxy SII has an array of accessories, some more useful than others, and have relatively high prices.

What you teach today is the new Official 2000 mAh extended battery Kit, It includes also the back cover corresponding to the increase in size of the battery. This increase, although it may seem inconvenient, it is not so much if you confirm that thickness grows only 1 mm.

These 350 mAh represent more than 20% extra capacity, Although this does not mean that you need to provide one 20% more autonomy to the terminal time, since this variable depends on many factors and is very difficult to quantify.

Kit includes the rear cover to the new size, which is in addition to the battery of the same quality as the standard and increases the thickness of the terminal, as we have indicated, in 1 mm with respect to the stock configuration, but without significantly changing the appearance phone.

This attachment is already available in some markets, and little by little will be spreading everywhere in which the terminal is available. In Spain we have not confirmed price, but in countries like Italy sold already for €44.90.

We leave you with some photos of the kit so you can see it in more detail: