Philips Presents the New Generation of Blenders Problend Duravita Technology

by | November 20, 2017

Philips, leading brand in the field of health and wellness and reference in innovative small appliances in the kitchen, presents the new generation of Duravita RI2137 and RI2135 blenders with ProBlend technology 6. This innovation is the result of research for the development of an innovation that was missing in the category:cutting more efficient. The technology is in the combination of the six format, designed to prepare food 35 times thinner than ordinary blenders. In practice, it is ideal for making juices without pieces and seeds or finest flours. The goal of the Philips Walita with this release is to promote the experience of the joy of cooking together, using appliances that allow you to prepare healthy meals without giving up flavor.

“We believe that a healthy diet rich in nutrients contributes to a better life. That’s why through our products we seek to encourage the incorporation of fruits and vegetables in the diet. With the new Philips Walita Blender ProBlend 6 is possible to prepare healthy foods, in a practical and quick way”, explains Alina Asiminei, marketing director of Personal health.

Another unique feature of the new generation of Duravita is in the jar blenders with resistance against breakage by fall and you don’t get the unpleasant smell of foods like garlic and onion. This is due to the innovative technology of the Tritan, a moldable copoliĆ©ster that absorbs impacts, providing resistance against breakage and high resistance to heat and thermal shock. With a capacity of 2, 4 l, it is ideal for the preparation of parts to the whole family. This is the perfect trio for the day to day: 800W power, family size jug resistant against breaking and exclusive technology of cutting blades via The design is another differentiator of the product, on the basis of black or stainless, valuing a versatile decoration for the kitchen.

“We can say that the new generation of blenders Philips ProBlend Duravita 6 in practice, ‘ cut ‘, ‘ more ‘ and ‘ more ‘, simplifying the Brazilian routine in the kitchen and you expect superior results even of functional products”, concludes Alina Asiminei.

  • Philips RI2135 6 Blades ProBlend Duravita

Philips RI2137 6 Duravita STAINLESS STEEL Blades ProBlend

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