Overview: LG Nexus 5 Review, Samsung and Nokia Are Fighting about the Best Customer Service, Christmas Gifts from Apple

At the end of the week and our site brings together the week’s main news.

LG Nexus 5 review: the friendliest Android

Recently a member of the Nexus family is genuine quality behind a quiet but style probably external.

Samsung commits big mistake in S4 case

A customer, if S4 caught fire during charging, will not be thrown off balance by the large technology company.

Nokia offers Lumia to user with burnt Galaxy S4

Yesterday we wrote about a Samsung Galaxy S4 owner which was burned by Samsung, Nokia now offers him a Lumia as compensation.

Then again, Christmas gifts for iOS users from Apple

True to form, Apple is again ready with the app “12 days of Gifts” that awards gift content from the App Store, iBooks and iTunes.

Microsoft lures Gmail users

New tool to lure Google’s customers can look forward to a very smooth transition to Microsoft’s Outlook.