Off Immediately At Aldi-Nord: Navi Medion Gopal e4430 With Tmc For 179 Euro

by | March 28, 2017

Operation the medion gopal E4430 can be easy to operate via the touch screen (touch screen). Support for route planning, a virtual keyboard that hides not meaningful characters (such as the search of the street name). There’s a detailed and easy to understand instructions. If you have a bluetooth phone, can use the gopal E4430 as a hands-free device. Voice playback was the test device but a little too soft and therefore bad understandable.

Navigation after you have entered of your destination (either by finger pressure or speech input is done) the gopal E4430 settled pretty much time, until the route was fully charged. Here it was enough only for a satisfying. Recalculations were, however, quickly. During the journey, the navi afford almost no mistakes, that’s very good. The announcements are clear and easy to understand. Also practical: The navigation system indicates speed limits, so you can go in a timely manner by the gas. Short battery life is annoying however, when you’re even on foot or by bike: Only one and a half hours held out the navigation system at the test before it be recharged had to.

Presentation  the gopal E4430 shows the route on the screen either in 2D or 3D. The data represented here but slightly too small; also the picture stutters a little satisfying. It scores the navi in the insertion of large-scale traffic as well as the adjustable brightness. As a whole the representation thus goes as well through.

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11 pictures to the photo gallery maps and included
prima: Delivers aldi the medion navigator with extensive maps for europe. This can be every twelve months for a fee up to date. There is not other countries (say, US or canada). Besides the street plans are very much information about sights to the available.

Aldi-nord delivers the medion gopal E4430 with stylus, USB cable, mounting bracket and power cable for the cigarette lighter and a TMC antenna. A DVD with the software is included in the GPS. The warranty period is 36 months.

Conclusion aldi GPS medion gopal E4430 could convince at the time in the COMPUTER screen test. Voting equipment and navigation performance, the scope of supply is abundant. Weaknesses is making the device only with the battery life and slightly sluggish route calculation. Anyone looking for a solid navi is allowed access.

Test results (june 2008): 2.31 (good), very cheap

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