Notice, Goodbye to The Tethering in The Nexus S with Android 2.3.6

by | April 12, 2017

The Samsung Nexus S, flagship of Google, recently received the update to 2.3.6 Gingerbread Android via OTA (via WiFi or 3G). The objective was to solve the failure of involuntary activation in the application of Google Search by voice. Through the Google Mobile help forum users are complaining because, after the upgrade, they have lost all possibility to use the Nexus S for do tethering (share 3G via Wi-Fi or USB connection).

Time update is coming in a staggered fashion, as it is usual, initially users of USA and Canada, but in both countries there are users who are reporting this incidence. It seems that the aim of this disabling would be that the operator can decide if you charge or not by the use of tethering, as with AT & T in the us, but also says that it has been a error code on the 3G not reviewed for updating firmware and that Google will fix it with a firmware update. It will be true, or they have taken a step back after massive complaints?

In Spain the Nexus S came from the hand of Vodafone, which will be responsible, as with the Nexus One, give the go-ahead for this new OTA. So you’ll have to wait and see is solved everything on the fly, before arriving in Spain, although certainly East ‘ error ’ is obvious that interested operators to control the consumption of data outside the terminal. The issue is that there are many users that we have a free Nexus S (default) but through another operator and the MVNO (virtual mobile operator) not put restriction to this connection.

So the recommendation It is more than obvious, while more information is not received, and depending on how you receive this update by your operator, it is best to do not update provided that for you it is vital to use the tethering. However, since the Forum of XDA Developers they are already on the topic to the issue and search for a solution for those affected. We will keep you informed on the subject. We can see proof of the failure in the Google voice search in the following video.