Motorola Still Diluting Within Lenovo, Its Former President Leaves The Company

Large purchases, which occur between companies, they are never simple. Sometimes they produce a good part of dismissals, as happened when Microsoft completed the acquisition of Nokia, the Finnish maker of mobile phones that now would be restarting his career with Nokia C9. In the case of the purchase of Motorola by Lenovo is no different.

It has taken the Chinese giant to recover from this acquisition. After an ascending line in terms of its growth, Lenovo gave losses for the first time in six years because of the purchase of the U.S. company. It was not until 2016 when, after its last quarterly balance sheet, Lenovo has returned to the benefits. Right to full absorption of the Motorola brand and with a reorganization that has finished with the March of Osterloh, the former President of the company.

Purchased and diluted

The American manufacturer is the clearest example of bad adaptation of some companies from moving to the arrival of smartphones. While at the time it was the largest, the arrival of the iPhone in 2007 changed everything and Motorola failed to engage. Some shy attempt to keep his head above the rest with the Milestone and little else.

Until Google arrived, of course. The purchase of Motorola by the big G, all because of the acquisition of the multitude of patents possessed the first, marked the birth of one of the most interesting models that Android has experienced in years: the Motorola Moto G. The mobile phone that redefined the range is now under the umbrella of Lenovo, as its entire range.

The reorganization that resulted in the departure of Osterloh

In fact, Motorola has not only witnessed the disappearance of its brand but that growth of Lenovo plans it is painting itself dreary development more and more within the company. The new PC & smart devices business unit did converge phones along with tablets, convertibles computers and more devices.

This new unit has caused at the same time an internal reorganization whose latest victim has been Rick Osterloh. Who was President of Motorola at the time of the purchase by Lenovo has now left the Chinese company. The assimilation of Motorola into Lenovo has concluded, therefore, with the departure of its highest representative.

Lenovo is confident that this internal reorganization, in addition to the change that will make to the bike by Lenovo govern its range of smartphones, make them grow even more and meet a successful 2016 after the slump in figures of the past 2015.