Moto G 2014 4G «Disembark» in Spain to End of March by 195 Euros

Just confirm that the own Motorola: your new Moto G 4G will arrive at Spanish stores during the last week of March. And, in addition, it will do so at an attractive price: 195 euros. This figure places it only 16 euros above Moto normal second-generation G, which has no 4 G connectivity, it seems that we we have one of the mobile entry with one of the most interesting quality/price relations.

As you recall, discovered the existence of this version 4 G the last Moto G at the end of January, and thanks to its arrival to Brazilian shops, where it landed at a price clearly higher which will have in Spain (there costs 305 euros to change). Fortunately, the price that Motorola has confirmed today is much lower. And, in addition, aside from the 4G connectivity, this phone has other interesting improvements If compare it with Moto G second generation without LTE.

The most apparent is that bike G 4G will come with Android 5.0 pre-installed Lollipop, and, in addition, it will incorporate a battery with more capacity than the original model. Moto G 2014 has a 2,070 mAh battery, and the 4G model will incorporate a unit of 2.390 mAh, an interesting increase leaving this new model in very good place, in the absence, how not, the opportunity to try calmly to see what offers we have. Meanwhile, we leave our video analysis of the 2014 G motorcycle.