Moto E Shows That for 130 Euros Anyone Can Access Lollipop and LTE

by | August 10, 2017

Motorola had we kept a surprise for today and it has fulfilled: have become the new Motorola Moto E, devices of a manufacturer to input range not to do things well and of course returns to present to a device reference for a range in which one would expect many limitations.

Moto E have, of course, especially in important sections for certain users like built-in cameras or in thickness. And however the evolution of the E-bike is particularly notable for three circumstances: its price of 129 euros, LTE support, and the fact that we will have a device to last thanks to the inclusion of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

If you like Lollipop, you have it easy

That for that price any user can access a terminal with support for 4G networks and that also has the latest version of Google’s operating system This is great news for a market as of the ranges of input, which until not so long ago seemed reserved to more limited on all devices.

But it is evident that the low ranges are becoming more solvent. Integrated (a 410 Snapdragon) processor with 1 GB of memory will be the basis of a very decent throughput by that price, which in addition accompanying those 8 GB of capacity storage of series which are another of those very welcome features for the users.

The possibility of enjoying the latest edition of Google’s operating system is also prominent note of a terminal that at this point certainly could be expected that novelty, but that in any case It will provide all the advantages of the platform, including, of course, the new philosophy of design Material Design.

Who needs Android One?

This proposal Motorola makes us ask ourselves the question of If really Android One makes sense on the market. The program to try to boost the use of Android in the input ranges now seems unnecessary, and Google hardware recommendations and agreements with manufacturers such as Micromax and Lava are worthless if we take into account that they compete with terminals as attractive as the E bike.

In fact this device returns to threaten their competitors in this input range: not only to their “cousins” of the Android One program, but entire platforms that it were precisely intended to try to conquer emerging markets. You can see these differences in the comparison which have just been published Xataka Android partners.

Here it is inevitable to mention to a something missing from the Firefox OS map, but it is also important to mention a Windows Phone that despite its virtues – the 535 Lumia is another “telefonazo” of input range – seem to not capture the interest that Android handsets. More difficult alternatives have it as Tizen, certainly, and the E bike probably assume a new blow to the aspirations of those manufacturers.

Screen and camera as next conquests

Only two paragraphs in which could be you a but to bike E – and is difficult with that price – would be the of the screen and built-in cameras. The Motorola input range features a rear 5 Mpixel camera and for the first time integrates a front VGA quality.

The selfies also therefore reach the low range even with that limited quality, but in any case this is a land where if you want to make the most out of the device would do well to make the leap to more ambitious devices. Here it seems that the proposal from Motorola is perfect: if not arrive the E bike, for 50 euros more offer a bike G It is a product that also close to perfection with the price/performance ratio.

The other “guilty pleasure” of the E bike is without doubt the screen: the diagonal wins slightly (from 4.3 to 4.5 inches), but not so for the resolution which remains at 960 x 540 pixels. The quality and performance of this paragraph appear to be another point in which the model will evolve in the future – almost it surprised me that not come to the 720 p-, but here again the jump to middle range speaker seems consistent.

And yet, what few drawbacks can be removed to the E bike. In Motorola they know very well what they are made, and sure that Lenovo is very happy with your purchase. The thing promises.