Lenovo Has Decided That Motorola Has to Return to China with The Best Artillery

The Group of Lenovo want to continue giving new life to Motorola, that is a great health, as much as to get into markets that had forgotten in the past. Your next destination is China, where will arrive in February with a fairly powerful offer.

It is curious, Lenovo was trying to take a strategy in which his two big brands of mobile no is solaparan too in different markets. But China’s think that it is worth, intending to stop the growth of Xiaomi or Huawei.

For the arrival of the Chinese new year, Motorola will have three telephones in the country. The first of them will be called Moto X Pro, and it has all the earmarks of being a version of Nexus 6. His appearance, 6-inch screen, and specifications of the latest generation, thus prove it.

Also will be known Moto X and G motorcycle, all set up to run on networks operational LTE in China. The turn would break with a hiatus of over one year – while it was part of Google – in which Motorola did not offer anything in the Asian country.

If the movement comes out well, with a distinct identity offering what it already offers Lenovo, could help improve sales which had stabilized enough in the second half of 2014. The idea is to recover – or establish-as soon as the third world manufacturer.