Krabi, Thailand

The unique charm of the landscapes of these places is given by the unique beaches and the soft outlines of the coast of the Andaman Sea, thin white sand, warm and clear water, as well as a riot of tropical vegetation on the coast.

Krabi,located 814 km from Bangkok, is considered the most beautiful province of the Andaman coast. Here, the concepts of “pristine nature” or “idyllic landscapes” are perceived differently. The unique charm of these places is given by the unique beaches and the soft outlines of the coast of the Andaman Sea, thin white sand, warm and clear water, as well as a riot of tropical vegetation on the coast. The rocks here are the color of rust, some reaching a height of a thousand feet (305 m). There are islands in the sea, the most famous are the two islands of Phi Phi, where they filmed the movie “The Beach” (“The Beach”), as well as the famous island of Koh Lanta.
Krabi has several eco-tourism centers such as Khao National Park. Phanom Bencha, a wonderful nature reserve known for its beautiful waterfalls, as well as a variety of wildlife and bird species.

The weather here is usually the same as in Phuket, sunny days are often even during the rainy season – from May to October.
Beaches and Islands
Hat Noppharat Thara National Park – Phi Phi Islands
The territory of the Marine National Park includes the coast within the city and the islands located nearby. The diverse landscapes range from the casuarina pine-fringed beaches of Hat Noppharat Thara to the long, sandy stretch of well-maintained beaches at Ao Nang Bay, the Phi Phi Archipelago, and Susan Khoi (Shell Graveyard), where shell fossils were fossilized about 40 million years ago.
Phi Phi Archipelago The
two main islands of the Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le archipelago are famous as the filming location for the movie The Beach. Phi Phi Don has good conditions for serving tourists. Phi Phi Le Island is uninhabited, this island is smaller, but it is surprisingly beautiful, here you can admire steep cliffs, picturesque bays, secluded grottoes and caves.
Phra Nang Peninsula
Along the northern coast of Ao Nang Bay are three of the best beaches in Krabi province – Ao Phra Nang, Hat Rai Le and Ao Nam Mao. You can only get here by sea, but you will not regret the time spent on the trip.
Lanta Island
National Park There are several islands in the National Park, some of them surrounded by magnificent coral reefs, and the main island of the Koh Lanta Yai archipelago is a popular resort and a lively tourist center.
Khao Khanap Nam
These mountains that surround the river Krabi are something of a symbol of the city. From the main jetty of Tha Chaopha, it can be reached in 15 minutes by boat.
Ao Nang bay
Ao Nang Bay is located 6 km from Hat Noppharat Thara, a large bay with picturesque beaches and 83 islets. Several hotels are built here, diving instructors, as well as bungalow owners offer their services to tourists.

Sights of mainland Krabi
City of Krabi The
markets and facades of the houses of the city overlook the mouth of the Krabi River, around which most of the buildings are clustered. It is worth taking a walk in this place to feel the local flavor. The main attraction is the Khao Khanap Nam mountains, rock formations that are on the opposite bank of the river. In these rocks there are caves with stalactites and stalagmites.
Susan Khoi – Fossil Shell Cemetery
This site is located 17 km from the city on the road to Hat Noppharat Thara. A huge number of shells were fossilized approximately 40 million years ago in pieces of rock piled on top of each other and scattered along the coast.
Wat Tham Sya Monastery
Located 7 km from the city of Krabi, Tiger Cave Temple is a forest monastery located in a forested valley surrounded by high cliffs where monks meditate.
Than Bokkhorani National Park
Away from the main highway of Krabi-Phang-nga, about 45 km from the city, the National Park is spread over an area of ​​more than 120 square kilometers. The most beautiful of the attractions is the lotus pond, where a roaring waterfall falls from a high cliff. There is also a footprint of the Buddha carved in wood, as well as a sanctuary of the monks Chao Pho To Yuan-To Chong.

Sports opportunities in Krabi
Scuba diving
Excursions with diving in the sea around the city of Krabi are organized by specialized diving agencies in Krabi and Phuket.

Krabi, Thailand

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