Jungle Experiences and World-Class Diving Holidays in Maylasia

Metropolitan feel in Kuala Lumpur, jungle walks and river safaris on and the opportunity for first-class diving and snorkeling on Gaya Island. The journey begins in the vibrant and contrasting capital Kuala Lumpur, where modern architecture meets old traditions and culture. On to Borneo, world famous for its orangutans and magnificent scenery. From Sandakan you take a boat up the river to Sukaus rainforest with river safari and then the country road on to the Tabin reserve with an incredibly fascinating wildlife. Your trip ends on the exotic island of Gaya off Kota Kinabalu. Here awaits azure blue water, beautiful beaches and a fabulous marine life that can be experienced through diving and snorkeling. SeeĀ itypeusa for more information bout Malaysia.

Day 1: Departure from ScandinaviaDay 2: Arrival in Kuala Lumpur

Upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur, you will be picked up at the airport and driven to your hotel. You spend the rest of the day on your own.

Day 3: Kuala Lumpur – city tour by public transport

After breakfast at the hotel, you will be picked up by your guide. You walk with the guide to the nearest train station, about 10-15 minutes from here. Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of religions, peoples and traditions, which is clearly noticeable in the city’s diversity. Islamic and modern architecture, Indian temples and Bollywood posters fill the street scene in Little India – not to mention the Chinese culture in China Town. You will have a colorful experience today. Later in the afternoon, return to the hotel and spend the rest of the day on your own. ( F )

Day 4: Kuala Lumpur – Sandakan

You will be picked up at the hotel and transported to the airport. From here you fly to the state of Sabah in the northeastern part of Malaysian Borneo. On arrival at Sandakan you will be transported to your hotel. You spend the rest of the day on your own. ( F )

Day 5: Sandakan – Sepilok Rehabilitation Center – Sukau rainforest

After breakfast, drive to Sepilok Rehabilitation Center. In the large reserve awaits a magnificent meeting with orangutans in the open air. After a ten minute walk through the jungle, you arrive at a small plateau where some park workers are waiting. Here the monkeys receive supplements in the form of bananas and milk twice a day. Within a few minutes, the trees begin to rustle and you can see the young monkeys, who have not yet fully learned to fend for themselves. It’s an unforgettable encounter with Borneo’s greatest primates. Then a film is shown about the park’s work with the charming animals. From here, continue to the Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Center, where you will hear and see how the center helps and protects the world’s smallest bear species, which also lives in Borneo. After lunch you travel to Sukau Rainforest Lodge and when you check in your room awaits a wonderful candlelit dinner, followed by an interesting slide show and lecture on the jungle. This is arranged by a guide with an enormous knowledge of the nearby nature. The rest of the evening is relaxing on the schedule and you can sit back on the wide veranda and listen to the singing of the cicadas. (F , L , M )

Day 6: Safari in Sukau’s rainforest – boat trip on the Kinabatanga River

You will probably be awakened by the lures of the macaques while the jungle wakes up after the night. About 06.00 begins your first jungle safari on the river. The animals are most active in the morning and if you are lucky you will see some of the most fascinating species in the rainforest, such as the orangutan, elephant, long-armed gibbon, or characteristic nose monkey. Weather permitting, there is also time for a little walk in the jungle. You will return at nine o’clock and breakfast will be served. Then an exciting and educational walk awaits with one of the resort’s nature experts. After lunch, the guide tells you more about the orangutans, before you go on a beautiful river boat trip in the area. You are staying another night at Sukau Rainforest Lodge. ( F , L , M )

Day 7: Sukaus Rainforest – Gomantong Caves – Tabin Reserve

A beautiful and eventful day awaits you, with many unforgettable experiences. The day begins with you driving about 27 kilometers to the rainforest that surrounds the Gomantong Caves. Here it takes off on a hike through the jungle for about 20 minutes, before you reach the magnificent caves. In them there is a large population of tower sailors and bats. Your guide will tell you more about the cave’s exciting flora and fauna. Up to two million tower sailors and bats nest in these cave systems and the large number contributes to your very special experience. It may be wise to bring sneakers or similar to your stay in the caves. From here you travel for about two hours to the town of Lahad Datu, where lunch is served. The journey continues along a simple gravel road for about two hours, before reaching the Tabin reserve. In the afternoon you visit Lipad, which is a clay volcano in the jungle. You can prepare for a fairly hard hike to reach the top of the volcano. If you are lucky, you will see wild animals and birds around the volcano. From here you can drive to Tabin Wildlife Resort, where you can relax for a while after check-in. Then a well-deserved dinner is served in the beautiful environment. After the last meal of the day, the facility’s nature experts talk about the area’s and the park’s diverse wildlife. Finally waiting for an eventful night safari. Finally waiting for an eventful night safari. (F , L , M )

Day 8: Tabin Reserve

The day begins with the jungle waking up and the resort offers an early morning hike for all early-morning visitors. Explore the park and see some of the more than 300 bird species found here. Breakfast is then served before the time for a colorful walk to the Lipad waterfall. Here it is great to take a dip, so do not forget the swimwear. You’re back at the resort in the late afternoon. Now new and exciting experiences in nature await, or you can simply enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at the resort. You spend the rest of the day on your own. ( F , L , M )

Day 9: Tabin Reserve – Gaya Island

After breakfast, drive to the airport at Lahad Datu and fly to Kota Kinabalu. You continue to Jesselton where the boat to Gaya Island departs. The rest of the day you spend on your own at your delicious resort. ( F )

Day 10-13: Diving and sun worship on Gaya Island

The days on Gaya Island will go fast for divers and you can also enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches and your cozy resort. Overnight at Gaya Island Resort. ( F )

Day 14: Gaya Island – Sweden

You take a boat and car back to Kota Kinabalu Airport. Depending on the departure time, there may be some waiting time at the airport or in the city. ( F )

Day 15: Arrival in Scandinavia

Overnight stays

Two nights in Kuala Lumpur – standard hotel
One night in Sandakan – standard
hotel Two nights at Sukau Rainforest Lodge
Two nights at Tabin Wild
Six nights at Gaya Island Resort

Jungle Experiences and World-Class Diving Holidays in Maylasia

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